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Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (Clark) — Angeles City, Philippines

Facilities and amenities

  • Local or public bus to town

Public transport

Bus fares range from 300 pesos for Cubao (Quezon City), Mariveles, and Avenida (Manila), to 350 pesos for the SM Megamall, Pasay City and Baguio City.

A planned train will connect the airport to Manila in 2010.

Other nearby airports

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila (MNL), 90km (56mi)
Loakan Airport, Baguio (BAG), 133km (83mi)
Lubang Airport, Lubang (LBX), 155km (97mi)
Mamburao Airport, Mamburao (MBO), 220km (137mi)
Cauayan Airport, Cauayan (CYZ), 233km (145mi)

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Passenger feedback

[question]林清海 - June 20, 2019
Help:可否煩請大家勸說 台灣方面的立法委員與政府官員,必須盡速結束這場由劉宅官邸血案所引起的鬧劇,非常感謝。
由於劉宅官邸血案喧鬧已久,本人也早就已經向當地的 桃園地方法院提出告訴 ,為何至今仍是干擾不休?可否煩請大家勸說 台灣方面的立法委員與政府官員,必須盡速結束這場鬧劇,非常感謝。
〔備註:本人有按鈴申告,也已經向 桃園地方法院檢察署遞呈訴狀,就等於是已經有向法院提出告訴了。〕
以下是本人向當地的 桃園地方法院提出告訴的 一部分申訴內容:
敬請 立法委員規勸阻卻對方人士的使用科技技術長期干擾人民正常生活的現行行為〔現行的行為或事件,並且是大家都知道的事情。〕
敬請 我們的政府能夠阻止對方人士的使用科技技術長期干擾人民正常生活的現行行為


D.敢問 貴署官員以及各位政府官員、各位立法委員與各位監察委員,此事體大、延宕既久,早已為人民所深惡痛絕,我們的政府什麼時候才要解除干擾暨為民除害呢?

依據 桃園地方法院檢察署所發之106年度他2718字第041732號公文之陳述 〔如附件〕 ,
依據 桃園地方法院檢察署所發之106年度他4242字第062917號公文之陳述 〔如附件〕 ,
本人以為 李家豪檢察官有蓄意包庇犯罪之嫌疑,應予糾正。
依據 桃園地方法院檢察署所發之107年度他4863字第075684號公文之陳述 〔如附件〕 ,
本人以為 吳佳美檢察官有蓄意包庇犯罪之嫌疑,應予糾正。
依據 桃園地方法院檢察署所發之107年度他6112字第089327號公文之陳述 〔如附件〕 ,
本人以為 廖榮寬檢察官有蓄意包庇犯罪之嫌疑,應予糾正。
請問 各位立法委員、各位監察委員與各位政府官員,此事體大、延宕既久,早已為人民所深惡痛絕,我們的政府什麼時候才要解除干擾暨為民除害呢?

Good luck.“Over!”Please.

P.S.:功 = 功率 X 時間。原來如此,“射頻武器”可以觸發核爆與造成空難。請大家幫個忙吧!趕快叫那個台灣大學畢業的劉文甫,立刻結束這場鬧劇吧!
P.S.:一個提議:劉文甫使用某一款型錄的人造衛星武器干擾不休,也已經有超過10年了, 美國政府怎麼可能至今仍然全然不知呢?為何不請 美國在台協會〔American Institute in Taiwan〕的 酈英傑處長與 美國的亞太助卿 黃之翰出來作個確認和作個勸說,以便於早日結束這場鬧劇?煩請轉達一下,非常感謝。
[question]g jones (usa) - February 6, 2014
philippine immegration are getting worst they should completely overhaul their systematic, rules about the immegration officers, they like to make there own rules, there is not much of a guideline for them to work-on there is no legal system to follow,i think the philippine gov. should step in and make an assesment about to protect the tourism industry, the tourist, visitors from all over the world, i travel all over the word, i never see any immegration officers who treat their visitors like crap,they like to intemedate you like you had commeted some kind of crimes they will try some intemidation to put on some fear that you just a crimenal entering the country,that searching your bag whatever they can find, even if the content is legal they will claim it illgal so they can take it away from you. i will give you an example,bottles of lotions the immigration officers said you are not allowed to bring it in ,i will take it away and throw it in tha trash then i said no i throw it away he said immigration officers no i throw it away for you, so ican'nt argue anymore other wise he is not gonna make me pass thru from immigration, he probabaly will give it to his wife or girlfriend, so this is an example that they do, among a lots reason they could do, they constant make their own rules whatever they fell like to do, thats why they shoud educate the government officials, redo their training proffesionals..good luck to all travelers & visitors....
Robyn Christopher - January 28, 2014
I appreciate your input. I was contemplating on using this airport rather than MNL because it's a shorter travel distance to Baguio.

What's the matter with these people? I thought it's more fun in the Philippines? How can it be fun when there are so many blood suckers in the immigration? Get rid of all these suckers THEN I can say fun starts as soon as the plane lands on the Philippine soil.
[info]tina (Philippines) - November 3, 2013
The immigration officers all suck! They are disrespectful to their fellow kababayan and would intimidate and humiliate you with so much questions as if you are a criminal when all you just wanted is to travel and enjoy life. I've never experienced that in any immigration even in abroad. just only in Clark! They are all acting as if their airport is high-class.

The saddest part is, because you have been interrogated and held a long time, the airplane leaves you! As if people are just raking money from the streets. Their hard-earned travel cost would just come to waste , re-book a ticket 8-10 times the cost of your original plane ticket.

Come on DMIA! You make the Philippines worse. You're not even worth a single centavo of the big taxes i pay in BIR for your salary.

Worst ever! There's more irritation in the Philippines! And you are one of them!

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Philippines travel facts

Basic stats

Population92 million
Diplomacy89 Philippine embassies and consulates


CurrencyPhilippine peso (₱ / PHP)
Euro exchange rate€1 = ₱65.75
₱1 = €0.02
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = ₱45.75
₱1 = US$0.02


Country code+63
International dialing prefix00


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