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Tianjin Binhai International Airport (Tianjin, China)

Hi, my name is Hélio and I live in Massachusetts USA. I’m looking for information about some aircrafts that I’m interested in buying model Viper SD-4 that were abandoned by a bankrupted company at a bonded warehouse at Tianjin Airport. Any information you guys can give me such as phone numbers, email will be very welcome Thank you Kind rgds Hélio Oliveira

— Hélio Oliveira

Larnaca Airport (Larnaca, Cyprus)

On June 6th 2021 Saturday, approximately 2:30pm Cyprus time I was travelling business class with my wife who is an American and does not speak Greek. At the security screening after passing though the metal detector she was stopped by one of your female security for physical body search. At the security check station I noticed they had no idea about security. Your female security keep speaking broken Greek to my wife and I informed her that my wife speak English and France and has two knee replacement (that was set off the alarm) and also has a heart condition. I never experience such a poor security practice. Then they pass through the X ray machine my wife’s journal book that look and my Apple iPod that is milled aluminum. Why the security did not had the intelligence to open up the book (who though was a computer) and the X-ray can jot go through the metal case of my iPod and ask me to turn it on. They passed both idem twice through X-ray. My US federal security badge and ID was in the basket in a visible place a clear indication that we are no threat. Seen my wife getting upset the way your security was treating her I asked to see a supervisor who was a very young man. I will contact in Cyprus the minister of transportation, civil aviation dept, several other high authorities in Cyprus and I will file my report to USA Homeland security, TSA and any authority need to know about AVSEC IJet’s poor security screening.

— Adamos Vasiliou

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (Abuja, Nigeria)

I was called on Friday May 28th that I have a package from a friend called George hills from Florida, USA the package contain MacBook pro, iPhone 8 and an Envelope. I was asked to pay 9500 for the delivery and 10500 for the LDC charge.i had paid all this money but I haven't heard from the delivery agent who called that his car broke down somewhere and I should help him with some money to fix the car. Pls help me look into it, I hope I haven't been scammed. Thanks

— Lawal Usman Arisekola

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