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Sur Airport (Sur, Oman)

How mach ticket pric Dhaka to sur my name Mohammed hasan

— Mohammed hasan

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

terrible experience. my intention to accuse the unfriendliness and inappropriate attitude of the Ryanair ground hostess and the responsible and tto accuse their unprofessional behavior. I am a frequent flyer, and I have never experienced such unprofessionalism in the customer attandance and proper manner. Especially Hostess El Marzouki (n• 13065) unpleasantly and unfriendly attended us, with no eye contact talked rudely to us that without respect and with unpleasant poker face. I will never come back to Marrakesh airport.

— valentina imparato

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I fly through Marrakech airport on a regular basis, and sadly the frustrating delays and long queues at passport control (both ways) are true. I now leave in plenty of time, at least three hours to minimise problems and avoid a stressful departure. On flying out on my last occasion, I had a large box to place in the hold. I carefully checked on line with EasyJet that it was acceptable (weight and dimensions) to fit in the hold. Unfortunately it would not fit through the scanners at the airport. This was not the airports fault. However, it would be worth noting on the Easyjet website so that people are aware of the maximum dimensions of items that can clear a scanner. I then faced an hour waiting at the entrance so that the box could be checked by two airport dogs and their police handlers. I was finally allowed through to the check in desk. The ground desk tried to help and were apologetic, but due to regulations they could not allow the box on to the plane. Lots of advice was given, but the only solution (a further hour later) was to unpack the items and wrap them in plastic. Not the best solution as the items were fragile lamps. At this point I was approached by Samir from the Easyjet ground staff. He immediately took control and called EasyJet in London to confirm that the plane was unusually larger than normal and that they would accept the large box. Samir then kindly called the airport police to check all the contents and confirm that all the items within the box were safe. He then personally waited for the box to be repacked and delivered it to be placed on the plane. Everyone that helped me was extremely polite, and Samir went above and beyond the call of duty. I will forever grateful to him and his team for finding a solution to my dilemma at a busy time. Thank once again for all your help it was greatly appreciated.

— Michele Provost

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