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Juan Santamaria International Airport (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Hello! I lost a brand new I-pad while passing security check on November 15th,flying from San Jose to Panama. Is there any chance i could try and get it back? What can i do in this situation? Please kindly contact me!

— Elena Kuznetsova

Juan Santamaria International Airport (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Hi i was there on Nov 11th flying out of Costa Rica to Toronto and my husband lost his black titanium bracelet which holds a sentimental value to him ! We think it was either while checking in or by security ! Please contact us if found !

— Renee tryhuk

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Our taxi had dropped us off late but we were still well within time for making our flight and the airport was empty. We knew we needed to get our boarding cards stamped but there were no staff from our airline. We asked several members of staff what to do and got sent backwards and forwards to the same desks again and again. It was only when a manager eventually called a member of staff who had previously dismissed us that we got the stamps. The police were utterly unhelpful. I asked in French for help and directions and the reply was ‘hey, I’m just police man’ and he returns to watching a video on his phone. There was no willingness from any staff to advise us. By the time we got to passport control we were late with the boards pre security showing our flight as closed and this would not have been the case is we hadn’t spent 40 minutes getting little or no information. Thankfully the boards after security showed that the flight has just opened and we had plenty of time. Not at all surprised that you can’t complain to the airport unless you call them as they seem keen on being as distant from passengers as possible.

— H. Woodley

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