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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

Myself and My partner travel often. we have visited many airports around the world and this airport is by far the worst we have attended. The airport is filthy, the staff are rude abusive and aggressive. we witnessed them shout and scream and even throw an elderly ladies possessions across the floor. They have a very limited number of trays to pass through scanners and no organisation whatsoever. I expected a higher level of security due to the history of this country however most of the staff and police were asleep on post. Many of the staff not in uniform or displaying name badges so you don't know who is searching you or if they even work at the airport. The toilet facilities are un useable as they are filthy. Its a real shame as Sharm El Sheik has worked very hard to improve and the hotel/resort we stayed at was fantastic and we would love to return. But we will not put our children or ourselves through such an awful experience ever again. I would actively encourage all airlines to refrain from flying to this airport until they can demonstrate improvements

— I would rather not say

Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

La verdad que no me quejo del aeropuerto. Pero me gustaría que Los dueños de Island Market Shop. Sepan que tiene una empleada desagradable. Fue super lenta en su servicio y cuando una persona le pedio que acelerada, ella se le puso agresiva y comentó que ella sabe cuando el vuelo sale. El servicio al cliente no es determinado por una vuelo sino servicio consistente y apropiado tanto en trato y tiempo. It’s a to go market , she needs to be more faster and not verbally aggressive!!!!

— Edgar Acevedo

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam)

I was at the Tan Son Nhat Airport last night for my flight from Saigon to Manila. I was wheeled chair because of my health condition. We used the priority lane at at around 10:00 to 10:30. When we reached the xray on the custom, something unacceptable had happened. I placed my bag with my money worth 1,400 Usd in the xray machine. I checked beforehand it goes to the machine. That money is for my food and medicines in Manila. When I was wheeled by the staff to the pre departure area. I looked for my vietcombank envelope and it wasn't in may bag anymore. My husband and I rushed back to the xray area and complaint but no one of course will help us. We suggest a cctv camera but they said no. It was so unacceptable because I respect Vietnam and Vietnamese overall. I am so hopeless and I need someone to pay attention for this incident. It is a shame that they will steal the money of passengers. I thought they xray prohibited items but I was wrong. They xray what they can steal. When I came back after 10 minutes all staff fromnthe xray counter that I've been were all gone. Now, I am helpless and thinking about my hard earned money. May husband saw someone opening a bag but they distracted him and he didn't know it was my bag. I want everyone to be aware of this. No stealing please.

— Sharon L. Brana

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