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Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Very disappointed with emigration police of the airport, the moment they saw my QATARI passport (for them it’s a walking atm machine) - the guy asked me to give him some money as a “tip”, or otherwise he would make it harder for me to pass. it’s disgusting, that’s enough all people here trying to cheat you by anything, at least the police shouldn’t be thieves, it’s a face of the country - they must be LAW - but even they are stealing money from regular people and taking advantage just cos they see a “wealthy country” passport. And same happened before to my Qatari friends. Disgusting.

— Salem Albuainain

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

When I visited in March 2019, the airport authorities asked me if my 22 year old son, who was travelling with me, if his father was from Pakistan, or from India or from Bangladesh. Why did this matter. His father is white English and his father was not even travelling with us so why was it important to ask about his fathers origins. When I visited in April 2019, the airport authorities asked me if I was Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi. I was born in Zambia and I am British. My passport has this information but despite this, the airport staff felt it was necessary to ask this question because of the colour of my skin. I have visited Marrakech twice this year. First time as a tourist and during my holiday I was saddened to see the state of the animals and the poverty of the people. I rescued a cat and helped him by taking him to a veterinary clinic in Marrakech. Something the local Moroccans failed to do. They walk past dying animals every day so Alhumdullilah my nature is good. My second visit was to see how the cat was doing and to bring him some food and pay for his care as if I leave him in Morocco no one will care for him so I am trying to make the cat better so that he can come back to England and live with me in'sha'Allah Being white or of European origin does not make anyone more superior than another. I will be visiting Marrakech again to see the cat and how he is progressing sometime in June. Please do not be racist or discriminate towards me. I am your sister in Islam and I will be visiting your country to help.

— Farah

Kisauni Airport (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Hello sir / madam this is mr saleem from india on 1st April 2019 i had arrived in zanzibar airport i had paid 250usd for business visa there is 1 bank counter where 1lady she took 250 usd and swiped 250 in etc machine she gave white colour slip which is clearly mentioned 250 usd ofter that visa stamping counter they took my photo and then they issued only 50 usd visa ofter that they didn't give yellow colour resipt allso ofter that i went from there my question is. .is this a mistake or they took my 200 usd as a donation money ?

— Saleem

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