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Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Dear Ipoh Airport service, The needs to use paper as official tickets instead of using electronics devices is such a waste of time. Even the passengers already done checked-in online but still have to print out those tickets for entrance purposes. My advice would be, please use technology wisely. Be smart otherwise we’ll forever be in peril grave.

— Liyana

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

Hi, My holiday was quite ok, however the non rules for smoking in public areas was quite iritating all the time. However most terrible was ir SharmElSheih airport terminal 2. I have seen more than 100 airports in the world, but even in west Africa like Angola, Congo the smoking zones are separated. In SharmElSheih airport terminal 2 you have to sit and wait in same room with smokers. It was most terrible airport (relating to smoking) I have seen. One side of terminal is smoking area, other side non smoking. But all terminal smells as smoking area and small children has to breath it aa well. And nobody to who complain. ..... waiting and smelling it for and hour quite ruined my mood for that day. However, what to complain, have to remember what country you are :-D. Will not cotinue, otherwise it will be to rude.

— Janis

Calicut International Airport (Kozhikode, India)

YESTERDAY I WAS TRAVELED FROM CALICUT TO DUBAI ON INDIGO AIRLINE. CUSTOMS OFFICERS CAUGHT MY e cigarette and they have informed that, it is not allowed to Carrie the same while travelling. as per the advise of Indigo security staff, today i have send one of my friend to get back the same .but unfortunately it is disappeared and there is no any evidence in customs records that, they caught such a thing.. it is really surprising... it is a valuable thing and i have to get it back .. any of customs officer , he took it and there is no any record about it. it is very bad..

— muhamed shafi

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