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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

The worst airport I have ever experienced in 10+ years of solid travel across 50+ airports and most continents. Despite the numerous security checks, I have never felt so unsafe at an airport in my life. Getting off the bus, two young guys started fighting (physically) over our suitcases in a bid to try and help us carry them 100 metres to the airport entrance, despite us telling them many times that we do not want this. Thankfully a holiday rep saw this and broke it up. The first (of many) security checks had a guard telling us we need boarding passes to enter the check in area. But our flight was cancelled/rescheduled and we were told to collect at check in. There is no wifi in the airport to be able to access anything online either. One couple looked visibly distressed about this until others had to explain the situation to the security guard. There is no wifi in the airport unless you have an Egyptian number (I only found this out after asking a duty free staff member), not even a paid wifi service. Using roaming data in Egypt costs £££ for a few megabytes. Thankfully a worker from the duty free leant me his hotspot so I could contact home. Before boarding we were squashed into a bus that stood idle for 20 minutes, a passenger passed out from the heat and the staff simply looked on like nothing had happened. They were joking with each other, taking photos, no member of staff was vaguely interested in the persons wellbeing. Had this man had been more ill than he was I would have been very worried for his safety. This airport is not fit for purpose. Check in staff, border control and security all equally unhelpful and at times clueless. Not sure I could visit Sharm again simply as the airport is so awful.

— A Rust

Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport (Enfidha, Tunisia)

I would like to open a restaurant in the airport. Can you please tell who I should contact. Thank you

— Dara

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Scoot delay due to the bad weather, passengers keep waiting in the waiting room and there is no water dispenser and no water provided. Unbelievable that no water dispenser in the waiting room.

— Amanda

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