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Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

We are in a pandemic. Why isn't this page updated to reflect the latest travel status, safety measures at the airport, etc.? When will the airport open even if it's an estimated date would be helpful as well. Very disappointing not to see the basic, necessary information on this site especially during such serious and uncertain times.

— Martinez

Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

By far the WORST TRAVEL EXPERIENCE..... During repatriation, TUI flight landed in Barbados, they told all passengers for Barbados to debark as the flight had the final stop in Panama. They packed us in a bus like sardine...we sat there for 45 minutes then had to get out on the strip...they didn't know about our group...they check our temperature having no proper PPE, we did no immigration...THEY ONLY INVITED US TO WAIT IN A BUILDING BECAUSE IT STARTED TO RAIN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS WITH POOR SECURITY AND POOR STAFF HANDLING THE SITUATION ESPECIALLY DURING THIS PERIOD OF COVID....

— Jodesia

San Sebastian Airport (San Sebastian, Spain)

Beautiful Airport and verry Kindly Handling wirh a verry good Service. Bad terrible Security Control. The lowest level of Kindly and Professionell Security what i have see in arround 22 years of Business Flying - terrible!!!!! Whe choose in the Future Pamplona or Biaritz . Sad because whe like the Airport bad our Guest dont like the process of this Security Company.

— Daniel

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