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Calicut International Airport (Kozhikode, India)

Dear sir , My wife is ready visit in UAE,with a tourist visa for 1 month . we don't know the Emigration check up status . it is required or not ? please give a advice to us

— santhosh

Visakhapatnam Airport (Visakhapatnam, India)

Vizag airport staff always create fuss by weighing the cabin and laptop baggage. Worst behaviour by staff. No airport in India calculate weight including laptop bag. Staff has to be more aware of international travel process.

— Tejasvi kota

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Overall it's not a bad airport, processes can be a bit tedious but not too bad. The reason I am writing is to draw attention to the 'staff' that 'assist' passengers when they arrive at the immigration. These people are the most rude and obnoxious you could hope to encounter after two days without going to bed. The situation I found myself in this morning was ridiculous with a man whose job is simply to assist, but he enjoys to be petty and difficult and in his little uniform doing his little job thinks he is important and gtives him the right to threaten (at one point he said "keep on talking back and you will REALLY regret it" - His eyes wide crazily) Then he swore at me whilst I tried to tell him if his job is dealing with the public then he should try to be professional, polite and helpful and not all the opposite of these things. I mentioned I would be reporting him and soon after he left the area to hide or something leaving the equally charmless and officious young lady there who you guessed it, is rude and no help really either. It's not difficult to be polite and professional when paid to, but these people standing like little trolls at the gate are superflous anyway. Everybody can see where to go, and we don't need a jumped up little nobody who when given a uniform would rather engage in squabbles with passengers over minor issues thanb do a simple job in assisting. This doesn't happen anywhere else in the world in my experience, so why whenever I land at Marrakech am I insulted, sworn at and threatened by someone who would be better off working with animals than people.

— Ben Mclewee

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