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Seychelles International Airport (Mahe Island, Seychelles)

Hello, is there a "airtel shop" or any other where I can purchase data sim card in the airport?

— Claude

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I'm sure that my comments will echo pretty much every other one here, so I will try and keep it short. The airport has a beautiful design, a bit reminiscent of Kuala Lumpur for me. However the service was downright appalling. I didn't so much as mind the constant passport checks, but it made everything so inefficient and once a member of staff didn't even bother to check when I had my partners passport and boarding pass accidentally. The embarkment forms are pointless, all the data will be on computers for checks and auditing. Finally, we were served at passport control by one Mustapha Demnati and when I stepped up to the desk he was blatantly browsing through videos on his phone without a care in the world. I eventually had to do clear my throat to get him to stop and actually serve me. Avoid this airport if you can

— Jacob Smith

Maurice Bishop (Point Saline) International Airport (Grenada)

I left Grenada Sept23 0n a/c our plane was delayed for repairs. My wife lost a light blue swaed jacket with and angel pin on it . Question do you have a lost and found office and how could l contact them for more info. George Robinson 1396-24 upper Ottawa St. Hamilton. Ont. L8W 1R1 as for your Air Port we thought it was an excellent one good service. Excelent movement of people no hassels.

— George Robinson

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