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Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (Abuja, Nigeria)

I receive a package from someone in US and it's has not reach my place and I was told to pay #12,500 to receive the package, I did pay the fund but then they told me that they found a nude picture of the person that send the package to me, I was told to come to Abuja airport with #30,000 to clear it and then receive my package. It not fair at all and they know I borrowed that #12,500 just to receive my package as soon as possible. Please do something about it.

— Chukwu promise

Taskul Airport (Taskul, Papua New Guinea)

I helped plant grass on the red lateritic soils of the new Taskul runway with my workers for the Australian Govt in Dec 1970 as a Kiap or Field Officer. It didn't take too long to grow in wet climate of approximately 9metres (360inches) annual rainfall and daily 28C (82F) temperature. I flew from it July 1972 in a Cessna Skymaster or what the local people called a 'push-me-pull-you' that pranged later in boggy end of defunct Puas Mission airstrip north Lavongai or previously named by the Germans as New Hanover. The wreck was still a memorial on the Catholic Mission grounds at Kavieng in the Provincial Capital 2008. I hold an unbeatable record on my 1972 journey for what must be the quickest flight from Taskul to London Heathrow using five planes to do so. Flying time I guess was quite a bit less than the total 48 hours and unrepeatable because when I was last at Taskul in 2008 I attended a Church service at the terminus end of 'my airstrip' there was a bush material SDA Church with some temporary huts at what was once the airstrip.

— A Williams

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

On 31th of July my hand baggage was lost in a flight to Marrakesh. I opened the PIR in Marrakesh airport, I stayed there 6 days within my baggage with all my clothes, items and food for celiac disease inside and no one tell me information about it. After 6 days I departed from Marrakesh back to my country, before to land I went to lost and found Office to ask information about my hand baggage, the man said that was not there. On 8th of August on World Tracer appears “ Baggage tracked, pending confirmation”. In 10 of August Viggo company communicate that the baggage was in Marrakesh airport. I tried to contact the airport anyway and was completely ignored. it is your duty to return baggage if it is in your possession and above all you have to contact the passengers. It’s shamefull! Waiting for a feedback!

— Outraged passenger

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