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Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen, Denmark)

What a shambles CPH airport is! When you arrive as a passenger you are led from the aircraft to a crowded bus to transport all passengers to the terminal building. Its almost like being on a London Underground it is so packed and many passengers have removed their masks. No officials are checking. There is no fast track for business class passengers and given that the business class passengers are only required to reach the airport one hour in advance of the flight there is barely enough time to get through the normal lines security. Security could not give a care in hell about self distancing nor checking everyone is wearing masks. The Security Manager on Duty did not care either. Aviator the handling agents are not even interested in calling a manager to assist. One is merely told by the agent Borette 'I don't care and I'm not interested in your bad news today! BAD BAD ATTITUDE Give Copenhagen a miss until they get their house back in order and be a bit more polite!


Basra International Airport (Basra, Iraq)

Security are not well mannered basically there are thief's and don't know there job. If better trained it would be a better airport. Nothing to do in the lounge if you are a local you get preference in boarding...Hate the place with a passion ..Still it would be better if it was run by a security firm that could train the staff instead of corrupt Iraqi police.

— Just Fed Up

Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

I'm reading all these comments and I do agree with some. The lack of curtesy and professionalism at times, airport in somewhat disarray and in desperate need of an upgrade but I enjoy traveling from NYC to Aguadilla because of the nostalgia. It's so close to my home in Jobos and it reminds me of the early 80's and 90's when my dad use to bring me on vacation. when you were able to go up to the fence and watch the plane land and be able to see your family. when they had the souvenir shop out by the front entrance and the parking lot was accessible. These are time that will never return. As much as I want that airport to upgrade, I have to admit to the vast legacy of corruption that has riddled the Island. I travel at least twice a year to Puerto Rico via Aguadilla and I look forward to my trip this July.

— Heriberto Rodriguez Jr

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