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Passenger feedback

[info]Florin Radu Pintea (Bucharest, Romania) - September 11, 2019
To all the airport operators concerned,
This Appeal of utmost emergency was sent to all airway operators in the World. They are hereby advised to immediately ground the entire fleet of commercial and military airplanes for an undefined elapse of time.
You are hereby advised the global overheating is closely linked to the ozone layer now wasted by the combustion process of burning conventional fuel in the airplanes’ engines operating at the rated altitude of 10 000 m where the carbon dioxide emissions actually replace the ozone layer of vital importance for radiation exchange and thermo-balance stability.
As life itself depends on this balance, today in grave and immediate danger of being completely broken, until it’s not, hopefully, too late, you, decision makers in this field are bound to take immediate and right countermeasures.
A roll back policy of curtailing the number of flights is a must at any cost. If your exclusively economics-oriented minds cannot grasp the nature of this danger clear enough and strong enough to make you issue the all-ground order for the entire fleet (and I fear you wouldn’t), ground at least 50% of the commercial and military capacities (but I fear you wouldn’t do this either).
As a lesser alternative, enforce, please, a ‘Week of Zero Flights Zero Emissions’ (or a month for the better), or even a dayi! Remember we don’t know yet the ozone layer restoring mechanism – just guestimations. Even so we can’t be sure the stratospheric wound would heal and if hopefully yes, just the elapse of time it would take the former shield to be fully restored.
Have at least the minimal decency to enforce at once the two instructions enclosed below:
1° All flight tickets should bear printed in huge, fat, black-on-yellow fonts, capital letters the words:
2° Have all pilots on all airlines worldwide address their passengers at the time of takeoff formal announcement the following words:

‘All of us here present, ready to fly are fully aware of the disastrous consequences the burning fuel incur on the ozone layer that protected Life on Earth to this date.
However, in spite of this serious warning, we still consider our individual destinations as more important than the planetary risk we are in this minute exposing everyone to – us, our beloved ones, our relatives, friends, foes and perfect strangers and the entire vegetal and animal realm – a clear and imminent risk of sudden and total extinction.’

Remember, Aviation was the #1 contributor to the destruction of the ozone / CO2 life keeping balance up in the stratosphere blanket. So you do not hesitate to roll back the entire industry now, and consider the alternative options:
1° trains
2° ships
3° solar cells coated blimps propelled by purely electric motors
Roll back! It’s not the best option, but it’s the only one we have now. Roll back! Some of the Earth’s systems cannot restore themselves, at least not at the rate we, people, are wasting them. Climate is one of them and the most critical for the Life as we know it.
Forget the math prediction modeling gimmicks, they only work, to some extent, on rational, uphill build-ups, not on wanton, sudden (and even erratic) downhill wastage as the ozone shield issue seems to be.
Anyway there is simply no need to elaborate further on the extreme seriousness of this everyone’s issue. No higher maths, no tensor computing, no sophisticated equations, no gas laws knowledge anymore. Thermometer speaks. So the subject is no longer just boiling. It is roasted. Alive.

citizen Florin Radu Pintea
Bucharest City, Romania
August 10, 2019
Anna C. Juguilon (Philippines) - June 15, 2018
I am the wife of evans mullar from the Philippines. How is my husband now?My husband is a very silent man he dont smoke nor drink how can he be a drug man. He is innocent sir. Sir can I plead you for help to lessessn his charged?Thank you so much and god bless
[info]Scam Spotter (USA) - February 12, 2018
Sorry Richard, the FBI was right. You are being scammed. You have never met your "girlfriend", it is an online scammer who is trying to get money out of you with these stories of robbery and kidnapping. Don't send any money.
[info]Richard Holzberlein (usa) - February 6, 2018
My girlfriend got robbed 600 first time she was going to fly back to USA after months of immagration issues and airline ticket 500 then 500 more then 500 more plus 100 taxi plus 500 hotel twice plus 100 taxi to get kidnapped and robbed of 900 us ransom note from her cell demanding 3000 to 5000 no cooperation from anyone .she is being threatened daily of death threats he says he loves to kill and will show me what kind of man he i called the FBI they said she doesnt exist n hung up on me...shes still at the kidnappers waiting for 1100 so she can do it all over again food hotel taxi and passport still not paid never ending cash only scam that wu and mg refuse to let me send more...stop this money trap and send my girl home to usA

Stop the sending stop the robberies and tell US Embassy they can Bite Me Too
[question]Mitch (USA) - May 20, 2014
Anyone know the status of ASKY 19/26 from BKO to Naimey on May 20, 2015 which now stuck in Cotonou?
[info]danilo (Brasil) - March 9, 2014
Could you help me find the list of passengers on Flight 141-reg 3x GDO boieing AWU 727-223 crashed in Guinea on 25/12/2003?
Grateful for the assistance
[question]Koneche olaewe adedayo (Benin republique but i basse in nigeria) - March 7, 2014
Je m'appelle Koneche olaewe Bonjour je voudrais demande is je peut faire le passport a cotonou .Et quel son les documents que je peut itiliser ,et c'est combient sa coute.
[question]Juan (colombia) - October 12, 2013
Well after ha ing read all these comments know have no doubtt it is a Shame of country. But moving in foward is a way travel from AirPort to Cotonou city to open an account
[question]muhammad saqib islam (pakistan) - September 23, 2013
my friend is comeing to coo what i can do i want see that my dear my frind want only entry only
john ed (USA) - June 15, 2013
the people that works at cotonou airport are kidnapping everybody...something needs to be done about this....
[question]Victoia Edwards (USA) - May 16, 2013
Where does yor counry get the right to denie someone to board a plane when they have purchased a ticket, especially to the USA. I have a frend there that was robbed his friend shot all his money stolen and now he can't get out of that horrid country.....
[info]EDWARD ROYCE (USA) - May 7, 2013
beware of anyone who requests funds for a BTA, or Basic Travel Allowance, as a requirementto depart another country or USA. there is no such thing as a BTA, in other cases,they will claim to need a travel allowance, or travel money, to be able to travel to USA...again, there is no such requirement under U.S. law...
[question]Tina Scott - April 13, 2013
Does anyone know how to get a hold of the airport security to find out if someone has been arrested? A phone number or email? My boyfriend emailed me that he had been arrested yesterday (4/12/2013) for holding a lady's bag while she went to the bathroom to take care of her baby and the bag was full of drugs? He says they are holding him until Monday when they can send him over to the DEA's office. I am desperate to know if they have him!
[1 stars]E. Mwaipopo (East Africa) - April 8, 2013
I agree with all the comments above. Cotonou airport immigration is the most corrupt on earth, it is a disaster and a shame to the country. Yesterday Sunday 7 April 2013 I was traveling to Nairobi with KQ 542.I reached the immigration counter at about 10.15 and used the counter on the right. The office who was in charge then demanded I show him a receipt for the hotel to prove that I actually stayed at Hotel du Lac...I was very surprised, this was very strange to me. I did not carry the receipt with me because I left my workmates at the hotel and they were going to pay my bills as a group. I tried to explain that to the immigration officer, though I know it was not required but he would not listen and gave back my passport. He demanded 5000 CFA so he can stamp my passport but he refused to give me a receipt. I went to complain to a senior office but it seem they were cooperating. I was delayed for 30 mins ! finally, rather than missing my flight I gave him the money ,no receipt and he stamped my passport. At the scanner one guy also asked for money , this time I was mad!..I did not give any money. Generally , the immigration office is rotten and rotten
[info]Lori MacMurdo (Canada) - March 30, 2013
To Doris Myles....i too received an email from someone who was a contractor in Cotonou, and fool that I was i sent money to help. It has turned into a fraud situation. Beware of this.
[question]Vanderhoven - February 2, 2013
I will be travelling to Cotonou in the near future. Seeing all these reviews, I am not sure that it is safe. Being a female could result in potential exposure to the cirruption. Any sugestions or tips for me
[info]enrico simone (London) - January 21, 2013
This is the third time i travel to Cotonou. my wife is from there. is the third time going through customs i am asked money from border officials. now, an airport everywhere in the world is the first port of call of any nation. it's business card. if this is the welcome that travellers receive as son as they set foot in benin than benin has a real problem. i am not arguing on poverty. i have seen it and it might explain some of these behaviours but a nation that shows its worst aspect at arrival is, sadly, gone. be careful then. and take their names when they ask you and report them.
[question]ALI KUCUKCOLAK (TURKEY) - December 21, 2012
Je voudrais savoir si je peut prendre le visa de BENIN a larentree de COTONOU
[1 stars]fred odos - December 17, 2012
I was to fly from Cotonou to Vienna. I hold a schengen resident permit. I am a Nigerian. The AirFrance idiots refused me boarding. Their reason was that I am not the one in my resident card. My ticket is a non refundable one. I bought another ticket from another airline and arrived here safely. Now I am suing them for loss of revenue. common thieves
annomous (England) - December 9, 2012
Cotonou airport and the town are corrupt . My advise DO NOT GO THERE !!!!!!!!
Doris Myles (Canada) - November 27, 2012
Help! Can anyone tell me where there is a working ATM machine in Porto Novo, or anywhere in Cotonou???
I have a friend there who cannot access funds for food or lodging, and cannot get out. I have contacted the embassy there but no reply in almost a month.
Doris Myles (Canada) - November 27, 2012
Can anyone supply me with email address or telephone number of the Cotonou Airport?
Thanks from Canada
Rene Maffeis - November 11, 2012
My advice is dont trust ANYONE from the Republic of Benin!....they are all con artist!...
[question]Doris Myles, Canada (Canada) - October 20, 2012
Please HELP: I have received emails from 2 different independent contractors in Porto Novo, Cotonou, Benin, both stating that they are stranded with many others with no cash or food because they cannot access funds due to no ATM banking machines there. They don't even have funds to get home, and can't cash their cheques from employer because they are drawn on a U.S. bank.
I instruct them to get in touch with their Embassy for help, but there is a 1-2 week waiting list to speak to someone. How can these people access their money???
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
[question]syungwirth (USA) - October 27, 2010
my friend from london went to do business many weeks ago in contonu like many others he isnt being able to get out because of the corruption at the airports. I havent heard from him in many days and I am quite worried. I need help finding him perhaps he again has been hospitalized. Can anyone help me
[1 stars]J Stoltz (USA) - July 30, 2010
Is the STA or [ sufficient travelers fund ] a new law as the immigration office in Cotonou says or is it all a scam, a friend of ours already has her ticket is trying to fly out of the Cotonou airport but they won't let her fly without showing that she has another $2500. US funds to support herself when she gets. again is this true
[question]J Stoll (USA) - July 20, 2010
would like to have the email address for Cotonou airport. can someone help
[question]M Froyen (belgium) - June 30, 2010
I must fly from Cotonou to Belgium, I just pay extra for my bags
adaganhardt (usa) - April 29, 2010
So how does a us citizen thaymt has everything fianically paid for here in the states that flying from Cotonou airport to the states get around having to show the airport that she has 2000 usd why does she have to show that proof in order to fly she said its manadory to fly why she has everything paid for here in the states how does she get around that pass or bta. When she needs no money im taking care of everything for her I want to know im about ready to call the us embassy because its entrapment or kidnapping because they wont allow her to fly even after paying 1936 usd to fly and another 650 for medical test to fly now they need to see 2000 usd just to leave or she can't fly from that country I want to know and if you ask me im telling you she doesn't need anything everything is covered here for her in every way lodging food clothes money transportation I want some answers or im call the USA embassy for help
adaganhadt (usa) - April 29, 2010
Cotonou airport something about it sucks my fiance is coming to live with me and after paying the outragist airfare of 1936.00 she had a mandatory medical test with was outragist in price 650 usd. Than they require you to show them that you have 2000 usd for spending when you travel or they wont allow you to fly What does she need to show that for all expenses im covering for her like place to stay, transportation , money, food when she comes here so why does she need 2000 usd and what business is that of there's it shouldn't be and its purely bullshit so how does she get around this stupid pass when every thing is covered all expenses when she comes can anyone answer me that
[question]t.brown (england) - March 17, 2010
i sent airline ticket to a girl in benin to fly to london via paris.she went to the airport(cotonou) and was refused to fly by the immigration because she did not have £3000 to give them,they called it travel allowance, this a scam or is it true.she is still in benin waiting for my answer.
[question]Peter Dukes (the Netherlands) - February 17, 2010
Can you inform me about a rebel attack at the airport on the 15th of february 2010?
[question]J K - December 14, 2009
Hi I am living in NZ, i have question on BTA. My friend is comming from Benin through Nigeria to NZ for holiday, he said he need Basic Travel Allowance BTA of $3000 USD to approve to airport customer officer that he has enough funds for staying in NZ. is this true? and is there such thing as BTA? i really appreciate if you answet this please.
[question]Ferenc Pákozdi (Hungary) - November 26, 2009
Dear, COO!

I am Ferenc Pákozdi from Hungary. I want to ask from the Cotonou International Airport (Benin Republic), that what did they do with my pack, because I don't receive. (I bespoke a product from Nigeria but I don't receive my pack.)

I would like to ask, do You know the Cotonou International Airport's e-mail address???

Thank you! I hope that you can help me in this!

Regard, Ferenc Pákozdi
[question]Alan Snow Esq (United Kingdom) - November 17, 2009
My friend, Kunle Akin Fadipe, flying from Cotonou to London with a UK passport via Amsterdam (KLM) ,still hasn't arrived here after a week. I fear he has fallen victim to the type of extortion which other passengers have reported on this messageboard. I should be very grateful for an update on his situation please as I am very anxious to hear from him.
[question]jennifer cawley (crete, nebraska usa) - October 21, 2009
i am looking for someone his name is kyle johnson he was in the hospital. his travel agent was damilolia nelson if anybody can find these people i need to know kyle johnson is my fiance i need someones to help me find him
[1 stars]Banonoy Banene (Philippines) - October 3, 2009
Cotonou Airport really sucks. especially the immigration authorities. they will ask you for money. This is not a good practice.
[info]Sid Perkins (UK) - August 7, 2009
E Martini

Arik Air fly to/from Cotonou
[question]Madi Abenov (Kazakhstan, Almaty) - June 29, 2009
Good Day!

Can you please provide the fuel price and differential information in Cotonou as per request for charter flight (ALA-COO-ALA)

Waiting for your soonest response.

Thank you!

Madi Abenov
Procurement executive
[question]E. Martini (Argentina) - February 16, 2009
I will be arriving to Murtala Airport in Lagos early in August and I need to know what airlines are flying from that airpor to Cotonou Airport. Thanking you in advance.Ester
[info]A Good Wisher of Cotonou Airport. (So many times (around 6 times)) - November 16, 2008
I am an Indian & fro my business sake, I used to travel on all West African countries on monthly basis. I have been pass via Cotonou airport more than 6 times, but it is highly regret to state to that all time I faced the curruption at this airport. While clearing the Immigration process, the window seater man is simply demanding the money for giving the clearence, even one time they stopped me at airport cabin for 15 or 20 minutes as I refused to pay out them any thing.

Henceforth I am requesting you that behavior like this is just insulting your country. Just imagin if I go back to India & my family will ask me about Benin then how should I replied them.

Please stop all these.
[question]Petri Lamberg (Denmark) - September 11, 2008
My bride from Cotonou is willing to fly to me to Denmark.
I am searching for a flight for her. Is there flight companies which flight from your airport who allouds E-ticket.

Sincerelly Petri Lamberg

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