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Amilcar Cabral International Airport — Sal, Cape Verde

Amilcar Cabral International Airport

Telephone: +238 411135

Amilcar Cabral International Airport is located on Sal island, approximately 2km to the south of Espargos, and 4km southeast from Palmeira.

Facilities and amenities

  • ATMs accepting international cards


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Banking, ATMs, and currency exchange

There are two international ATMs at the airport (Caixa Economica and Banco Comercial de Atlantico) which accept Visa cards.

Other nearby airports

Rabil Airport, Boa Vista (BVC), 74km (46mi)
Preguica Airport, Sao Nicolau (SNE), 144km (90mi)
Vila Do Maio Airport, Maio (MMO), 168km (105mi)
Francisco Mendes Airport, Praia (RAI), 210km (131mi)
San Pedro Airport, Sao Vicente (VXE), 215km (134mi)

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Passenger feedback

[question]Ana Silva (russia) - June 3, 2019
I'm russian, travel from Brasil - have a stop in Sal - and then fly to Lisboa.
Do I need transit visa?
is there in airport have transit zone?
[question]J Watson (UK) - January 26, 2018
Can you please advise why you confiscate lighters at your airport. To our knowledge no other airport does this.
You have a smoking area within the airport but take the lighters off the smokers as they come in.
My husband had his engraved lighter confiscated, eventhough it had run out of gas.

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Cape Verde travel facts

Basic stats

Diplomacy18 Cape Verde embassies and consulates


CurrencyCape Verdean escudo (Esc. / CVE)
Euro exchange rate€1 = Esc.110.27
Esc.1 = €0.01
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = Esc.72.62
Esc.1 = US$0.01


Country code+238
International dialing prefix0


Plug type

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