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Passenger feedback

Mia Sattar (Russia) - December 4, 2021
Security check officers are non qualified, they are unprofessional, harassing peoples , front of me they found some local money inside the bag of a innocent lady, as I heard the conversation amount 3 lacks taka , the security officer asking stupid questions about it, from where she got this money….. etc , she got nervous almost cried. It shocked. I am a very frequent flyer, never saw such things in other countries. Two airforce stupid officers at least 20 minutes harassed that lady. I was shocked.. due to their unprofessionalism our flight was delayed. I my case I took out from my bag my laptop in advance because I know the all security measures, put my telephone inside my bag . The lady who scanned told me that is there are electronic Items I your bag, I told that only telephone, then these two security officers almost shouting that I should take out all electronic items. Well , normally only laptops should be taken out I explained and wanted to do that. Then they continuously shouting and checked my whole bag by scanning several times , with very ugly behavior. All these took almost 30 mins. I travel all over the world as a businessman, never faced such ugly behavior from my country man where I born. Due their their unprofessional attitude not only these above case with the other passengers as well out flight delayed one and half hours. Passenger who was sitting next to me in business class complained that he will miss his connection flight, he lost his mother going to catch funeral. Due this delay he will miss it. Want to bring attention to the authorities, pls be service oriented and be humble and friendly, don’t harass people. And investigate and verify the working skill of these two Air Force officers. To identify who are they, it was happened on 4 th December 2021 Emirates flight EK 583 with schedule departure time 9:55 a.m.
Nazmul (USA) - May 16, 2014
All staff related securities are thieves here
[1 stars]aulabaula (UK) - May 11, 2014
I had a transit flight from sylhet to dhaka to London in 2006. First time with my wife & child. Customer was done in Sylhet, yet they wanted to do the custom check again, i reminded them its been already done. so they search though our hand laguage, found nothing. but there were about 10 cronies watching us. after that the cronies and custom officers demanded bride in Dhaka airport. They went so far as to remind me of few names like surath miah & others and told me they kill me like the rest if i don't give bribe. Itold them why i should pay them any thing, they made up stories like they help to curry laguage (complete lei - they didn't even touch it). I was so infuriated with their harassment, rude behavior and threat, that I told my wife and children in a safe seating area near the armed officers and told them to come one at a time. They threaten to kill me further and swore and one by one walked away. These bastards were given freedom of the country through our parents funding of independence, they got funding from government who got money from our remittance so they get a life. education and become a worker in airport. Yet they act as though they own the country and NRB's are nothing. they forget how many of them would have a job of NRB's don't visit their mother land. the government also treat foreigners better then the NRB's else why would they allow such atrocity, harassment, bullying and bribery to go on so openly and for over 40 years. Unfortunately Sylhet airport is the same or worst.
[question]Md Mozammel Hoque (Singapore) - January 4, 2014
Hi iz there anybody can answer me why taken tax from a single monitor . Its free in the list of tax free items. But today it happenend in dhaka airport. They hold my wife N taken brivery. First taken money then no give receit . Is it she is women thats why very easy to bluf
[1 stars]Alberto Rosso (Padova, Italy) - September 10, 2013
Airport it's dirty, but people are not unpolite.
Bangladesh has many problems, so i can understand if the airport is not like Changi in Singapore. It's very unfair and stupid to insult all the Bangladeshi people just for the airport.
I admire Bangladesh people, everytime kind also if they have so many problems.. Repect!!
[question]Bappe (Italy) - July 14, 2013
it is not comfortable airport
[info]B (USA) - March 6, 2013
This is the worst airport I have ever been too. Even the people from Bangladesh on the plane were dirty and had no idea how to use a toilet.
The airport itself was as dirty as the city. Hopefully my company will never send me back there.
[1 stars]K. Siddique ( - February 14, 2013
The Dhaka international airport is the worst airport I have ever walked into. The restrooms are in horrible condition, no toilet paper, low lights, bad odor, and just simply filthy. They airport is not well lit, electronic wires are sticking out, very low energy staff. This airport actually represent the Government of Bangladesh. The worst of all is that they steal stuff from your luggage.

If your luggage every get delayed, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR LUGGAGE INSIDE THE AIRPORT. DON'T LEAVE THE AIRPORT UNTILL YOU FILE A POLICE REPORT. The employee are horrible and have NO knowledge on service, the only thing they want from you in MONEY.

Who ever is in charge should be shame of them shelves. Bangladesh is much better than this.
[2 stars]himu rhaman (venezia / italy) - December 17, 2012
Sotti bolte eta hosse bangladesh . prithibir onno desher share tolona kora jabena. amra jani amader obosthan kothay.vhalo mondo sobkisoi thakbe etai shavabik . amder desher manush to thik moton pantapanio jotena . amder airporter toilet pepar na thekle khoti ki?? tobe ei toilet pepar kono officarer basay gese eta nischit thakte paren. NY / london/ jhekan thekei comments koren na keno er kono poriborton hobena . ny / London e okhane amader people amader kon chokhe dheke seta amrai valo jani.vhab marar dorkar nai . ei kada makha bangladeshtar ashte amar rokter badhon pagol sagol er moton comment koira lav nai .ason deshke valobahi.probashira desher merodonder koseruka tader jeno airporet vhoganti shikar na hote etai lokkho rakhar bisoy...
[info]SAJID (KSA) - December 2, 2012
If any contact information about the charges of aircraft Dornier 328 [carry pax 35] pls let me know.I will greatfull.
[info]SAJID ([ KSA ]) - December 2, 2012
I want to know the charges of Aircraft Dornier 328 which can carry 35 pax /Landing/Takeoff.I will so great full for reply.Thax.
A. Isl - October 15, 2010
Dhaha airport is quite clean compared to calcutta and delhi. Regarding ppl taking bribe, thats a reflection of the society there. I feel sorry that its not changing, There are many countries where airport staff dont understand or very poor english, thats not a shame, the best thing would be if private company takes over running the airport, then it would become much better. I hope, its no use passing bad comments, it will never change until the politicians change thier culture, to be of help for the cpountry instead of making money for them and their 14 generations to come.
[question]shanker - October 6, 2010
I am planning to fly few days time to DAC airport with a transit about 6 Hrs. Do i require any multi plug for electric, as i am holding 3 pin UK standerd???? thanks
[info]speakTHEtruth. (WHO CARES) - September 1, 2010
this is a joke right , where do we start , people gettin beaten by airport officials for NOreason at all, or maybe perhaps getting killed.for british bangladeshis its like going to hell and back, you just dont care and this is supposedly to be their motherland,you people really are sick BASTARDS.
[1 stars]UNKNOWN (NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS) - August 29, 2010
Md. Shah (Bangladesh) - July 27, 2010
YoNu, Why are you defending Dolly and other bunch of idiots like you? I know the answer lol. You are talking rubbish about Bangladesh and you think you are scoring credits? Are you really from Bangladesh? If you were then you would not insult yourself by talking crap in an uncivilised manner. We Bangladeshis are doing welll, we live in our country and in spite of having many problems we are trying to improve our circumstances. I know you can not get a good job or career in Bangladesh because you are not just simply good enough so you can choose to go to the UK and cook curry for white people and clean their toilets. By saying that I am not insulting or looking down upon those people who are doing that but you are only good for that kind of job.
Grow up you retarded lowlife piece of freshie idiot. Never curse any country, specially your own one. You will not get a life ever, Iam pretty sure about that.
[info]YoNu (Bangladesh) - July 24, 2010
To Md. Shah,

You just proved to Dolly what an insensitive and xenophobic bunch of folks Bangladeshis are. Instead of answering her question in a "civilized manner", you chose to attack her. I think you're jealous that you're stuck in a rut like Bangladesh whereas Dolly has a bright future ahead of her in whatever she chooses. Man go fug yourself :)
Md. Shah (Bangladesh) - July 23, 2010
To Dolly
You sound as if you were born English and English is your mother-tongue. You are living in a a foreign land, no matter if you were born in the UK or migrated to there, you are still Bangladeshi and the white British people label you as a benefit scrounger, they call you benefit thief and parasite. stop spiting in the air because it is going to fall down upon your face.

I think Bangladeshi officials speak good English. If you do not understand their English you had better learn some proper Bangla. I am sure they will not understand the dialect that you speak because educated and cultured people do not speak in a gross dialect. It is a shame that you are not talking about the problems of the air port, in stead you have been attacking Bengali people and Bangladesh. What is your intention? are you envious that we Bengali people are smarter, educated, more cultured and civilised than you lowlife foreign born Bangladeshi freshies? Grow up.
Md. Shah (Bangladesh) - July 23, 2010
To MO, there is no doubt that corruption is a problem in Bangladesh. I have never experienced what you have experienced with regards to offer bribes to the airport officials. I just get the feeling that you have been suffering from inferiority complex. You used the term British born Sylheti which is not recognised anywhere in the UK, nor anywhereelse on earth. You seem to have been suffering from mental diseases, seriously. Before talking crap about superior people and community just look in the mirror. Bangldesh is hugely reliant on its garments industry that contributes over 70% to its export earnings. Where did you get that Bangladesh depends on you small community living in the UK that engage in restaurant business? Use your head and get educated please. We feel ashamed of you uneducated and uncultured racist kind of British born Bangladeshi people representing Bangladesh abroad. In fact you said you are British born Sylheti that explains a lot about your educational background and your hatred toward Bangali people and Bangladesh. Get educated and do not breed hatred.
[question]Doli Begum (Scotland) - July 14, 2010
Hi, I'm heading to Bangladesh to meet family before University begins and am quite scared to go, I'm a girl and my parents can't come with me because my brother is ill so I'll be alone. I'm scared because my main concern is me not finding my way out of the place, is the pick up area still where people get dropped off on the opposite side from where you pick up the luggage? I just keep thinking some hobo is going to try and grab my stuff. Also I've been before when i was younger and still remember there were random guys beside the immigration office who didn't seem to have anything better than you than watch you which is quite off putting. I also wish some people would teach them better English.
[question]Jan (UK) - May 22, 2010
Hi ppl ok well im going to bangladesh next month first time and on my own through Dhaka and then getting on GMG to Sylhet...bit apprehensive after reading some of the what should i expect? and im no way in hell paying any1 money/ what advice would you give to avoid any issues?
[question]Biswajyoti Ghosh (New Delhi) - May 15, 2010
As per the comments about Delhi
Airport being set amongst the low
standards compared to Dhaka,

I would ask a simple question that
apart from setting economic setbacks to the countries airline, are we able to provide the right kind
of professional training versus the education received to staff
and management representing their countries airport?
[info]Mo (UK, London) - March 29, 2010
I went to visit Bangladesh for the first time in my life in April 2009 as my mother wanted see all her relative. At first I was very excited but after I landed in this country I found out why all my friends advised me not to go. We had to pay a bribe to get out of the airport then pay more bribes to get our car in to pick us up.

The staffs at the airport are incredibly rude, we faced the same problem as we so happily left this corrupt shit hole of a country. In all we paid about £90 worth of bribes to the airport official. This country is so corrupt my god it beggars belief. I am ashamed of being connected to this shit hole of country. The people always use the same excuse, we are poor so we have no choice but to ask (extort) for bribes (Stealing). They have no shame, and the uneducated thief’s don’t know how much this will impact them in the years to come as the 3rd generation of British Sylheti turn their back on the Bdeshi culture and embraces their own culture the remittance will stop etc.

This is country where the monkeys live there life eating the 2 women that rule them.

I am so glad I did not use Biman if did I don’t know what more angry and frustration it would of caused.
[4 stars]G.Robbani - March 28, 2010
I have read some of the comments and personally think it's not relevant because I have witnessed a massive improvement in my recent visit in both arrival and departure terminals and the services provided by the staffs at different levels are excellent.For the users information things have improved a lot and I am sure you will appreciate next time you use Shahjalal Int'l Airport.
[info]Pearl (Dhaka) - January 25, 2010
The people roaming around here are of serving what purpose is not clear to me. Is it about commenting on an airport's condition or showing off that we were suckers before now we are pissed off because there is nothing our elders have left there for us to suck. People who are very eager to tell that the country is a worst one, or the people are just muggers, for you guyz...stop, wait a bit, think, you are telling you have been humiliated by these people, now you are acting to these people like these people in your come you are better than us? You are also from the same shit hole, from where we came. The airport may have its own problems, but not the people of this country have the same problem. You did not get the service because you do not know how to survive in a rough and tough condition, that's your fault. There are lots of people coming to this country for the first time and also leaving the country with joy. What's the problem then for you? Never ever try to tell that the country should be wiped off. Who the bustard you are to tell that the country should be wiped off. Being a poor country I do respect the poorest country's people. Though they are poor, they are needy, they are human. That's the ultimate truth.
sam (Dhaka) - January 21, 2010
Ronen Meishar (Londow, UK) -

I have been India before while I was there figured out how worst the capital Delhi is Dhaka is 1000 times better than Delhi. After I came back from India to my city I felt like OMG I am in Europe now. Delhi is exact like the movie slam dog millionaire no millionaire but dogs are living there. The place is packed with cheaters, poor and rubbish. U self proclaim incredible India. I say incredible my A** . No wonder our staffs in Dhaka airport are so arrogant to you guys. U guys tell us poor?? Shame on you guys. Every year hundreds of farmers commute suicide in your country because they can’t earn enough to eat. Don’t hide ur face we all Bangladeshi people know that. If you guys are good people never put such racial comment in anywhere. i thanks to my airport staff they are arrogant to you guys you guys dont desirve better than that
[3 stars]Tuheen Ahmed (Bangladesh) - December 27, 2009
i will tell one things that, if you want improve airport, improve your self first. customer are very important in your life. if no customer no money. talk nicely to the customer. i agree that bangladesh is poor country, because lots of people they don't have job. i request to airport CEO, managment & all crew member don't let bangladesh down. i like bangladesh there people are so kind.
[2 stars]Abdur Rahim (London UK) - December 25, 2009
Recently I went to Dhaka twice for important visits. It seems things are getting a little bit better - hope the Zia authority will try their best to improve all services a step forward including passengers personal safety while coming out of the airport building for taxi. Thanks
Abdur Rahim (London UK) - December 25, 2009
Recently I went to Dhaka twice for important meetings. I was surprised to see people were well behaved but slow and things are getting better around specially with the two terminals. Hope they keep on trying to improve a bit by bit hygeinically even it takes time. Thanks
[question]Md. Mahabub Alam (sweden , Halmstad) - December 16, 2009
I m from Sweden I want to khow custom law as well as product list in ZIA in BANGLADESH.
[question]Robi (London) - December 8, 2009
I think this cite deserve a thank Q for publishing all the comments. Please keep it up, I am sure some day some one read all our comments and that person will sort all these out on the spot. I have been planning to visit Bangladesh but I think I have to give it up at least for the time being, I am really scared.
[1 stars]Laila (UK) - December 2, 2009
This IS the worst aiport I have ever visited in my life and also tops the scale as the worst country! The attendants are all rude and arrogant. Wake up and smell the cockroaches, you are not that great. The rest of the world laugh at your pathetic attempt to be like the western world. They give so much value to white skin its sickening and they hurry through people with a bit of money. I love that I was born in a capitalist, democratic society and I wish I could pretend I had no connections to this god forsaken shit hole of a country.
[question]Fareed (US) - November 12, 2009
I have US Green card and Canadian passport, also Bangladeshi passportMy question is can I use my Bangladeshi passport to enter Bangladesh and use Green card when leaving Dhaka, or do I need no visa seal on my Canadian passport ? Your feed back will be highly appriciated.
[info]Musa (NYC) - October 27, 2009
When you arriv eat the airport, you will find too many bosses just watching you, some of them just chatting each other. No work. Lazzy. We need to fire these lazy assholes and hire qualified working bosses. This will imporve a lot.
[1 stars]Monir ul Islam (Dhaka) - October 5, 2009
You should feel shame as you have written that you welcome comments. You allready have so many awful comments but no action taken. I feel shame once I read such comments about my beloved country. For God, Do something.....
[1 stars]Moinul Islam (NYC) (United States of America (NYC)) - June 26, 2009
This is the worst Airport in the whole entire world. People working there are complete IDIOTS and they think that they are big shots working at the airport. These people needs to be re-trained on how to serve people professionally. Honestly, I've went to New York City Bangladesh Consulate to get a No Visa Required on my Valuable US Passport, and these people working their are horrible. They work at a minium wage, and they think that they are millionaires or CEO. I strongly urge Bangladesh Airport to carefully review their workers background and hire only that are best to serve customers at professional manner, and not hire anyone from the streets, from murderer to low life thieves. BANGLADESH ZIA DHAKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, I HAVE ONE SUGGESTION FOR YOU "GROW UP".
[4 stars]malik nj usa (US) - April 15, 2009
i gave Dhaka internation air 4**** in compareson to India's any airport. i do agree our airport people and service is not like what you recieve in new york or london but some indian brothers comments are over exaggeration. i thing i found everywhere indian people are envy of bangladeshi anything, i ask but why?
[info]M. M. Chowdhury (USA) - December 10, 2008
I think that Govt should spend more money for this Airport than putting in Biman. Since Airport is the showcase for Bangladesh, it needs a make up with recylcing its old employees there.

I have found that sometimes Old is Gold but Old also the red tape for any improvement. Just my 2 cents.

M. M. Chowdhury (Mithu), USA
[1 stars]Ronen Meishar (Londow, UK) - December 5, 2008
@DJ Sarawan

You are 100% correct man. I went to Dhaka last month since my father works at the UK embassy in Dhaka. The fucking people at the airport are sick in their head. They are a disgrace on humanity and mankind. I wish I can pull out a gun and shoot each and every single one of these illiterate, arrogant bastards. You are right Bangladesh is world's #1 corrupted nation and will remain the same always. This is the worst 3rd world country I have ever been to in my 27 years of life. The airport is a disaster without any doubt. No much rules or laws there. Whatever the staff working there wants, will happen only. Stay away from airport and this country as much as possible. I feel ashamed and unsecured every time I go there (been there 2 times). People working there are no less than thieves. They will cheat you, rob you out of your belongs and there is nothing you or anyone can do. Sometimes I really wish this country should be wiped out the earth’s surface and I seriously mean it.
[1 stars]DJ Sarawan - November 14, 2008
This is the worst airport I have ever been in my life. It's a complete disaster. people working there do not know their own duty and don't even understand a damn word of english. I wonder why Bangladesh ranked #1 as the world's most corrupted nation. It's a complete night mare folks. Stay away from this place as long as possible.Once, you get out of the airport, you will find your self in a complete disaster with no security of life and your belongings. Any thing can happen down there including robbery, kidnap and ofcourse murder. The staff working at airport got their own ways of working with no rules no laws and no holds bared. I am sure even A prison in USA has better enveronment than this piece of crap.
[info]Bhupinder Singh Brar (India) - August 17, 2008
I along wiyh my friend reached Zia International Airport on 9th of Aug while on flight No. BG-084 from New Delhi to Bangkok. There we came to know that we have to get Transit Visa due to delay in onward flight.
We purchased one bottle of scotch from duty free shop (Invoice No. 26265) for our night stay in the hotel.
When at the time we were going outside, the custom officer detained the bottle (Memo No. 011468, Dated 9/8/08) saying that the scotch is not allowed in Bangladesh. It will be handed over after boarding pass.
The next day before the flight we met superitendent of customs and came to know that one bottle is allowed to foreigners and that bottel will be returned to us. But waiting for long time bore no fruit.
Now we are returning to New Delhi via Dhaka on 6 Sept. by Biman Airways. We want our bottel at that time.
Thanking You
M N ISLAM (LONDON,UK) - June 26, 2008
People who works in the airport need to know about customer service.Its very important for them.And i would like to remember them,working in a airport is not a big deal.
[question]Jackie Harnois (Illinois) - June 12, 2008
I need help in locating a mirror that belonged to my grandfather, Joe Harnois/Beauharnais. The person who has the mirror does not know that there are important papers inside the frame of the mirror and LOCATING THESE PAPERS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!

If you have any bulletin boards, please post this message.

Ali...NY (USA) - May 7, 2008
I agree restrooms\bathrooms are not clean. The people who works there most of them have bad manner. I do understand at sametime that a lot beanibazar and others that go back home are idoits too. They don't have manner either but employees at airport (special biman transit desk) can be little bit more friendly you know what I mean. And more orgnize. Thank you
[4 stars]Faris (Brussels) - April 24, 2008
SO so bad behave in airport with us.The costoms officer think that they are the king of Bangladesh.They have to feel sham toask money for nothing.They have to think that what they are taking at home for there kids.They working in airport but they are such a theef.We feel sham to show our face here in abrot.So please cheak the servise.
[question]H .Islam (uk) - April 21, 2008
i would like to know what actkion is being taken with the officers that brutally attacked Barrister Rizwan Hussain? it is appaling to know such behaviour can take place in an airport.
[1 stars]ABDUL ALI (United states of america) - April 20, 2008
custom officers,illiterate,bungling,idiots,disrespectful,arrogant sons of bitches who need to be whipped and hanged,corrupt,lecherous,ogling,inhuman,inbreding bastards,who should not be there.
[info]m rohman (uk) - February 23, 2008
Toilets enclean as allways,No toilet paper at all, For international airport its should do beter than that thats not on pls do something.thank you

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