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Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
Xiamen, China


AirAsiaANACathay Pacific
China AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesHong Kong Express
Japan Air LinesMalaysia AirlinesSpring Airlines
Thai AirwaysTiger Airways

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Passenger feedback

[4 stars]HC Kwok (Singapore) - January 9, 2019
We had a layover of 9 hours on Xiamen Airlines from Los Angeles to Singapore and was unaware of all the facilities available to long layover passengers.

The customer service representative 徐欣欣 at the 2nd floor International Departure level Volunteer Service Information Counter was very sharp and helpful. She pro-actively approached us to enquire about our layover and without us asking, volunteered all the information available for Xiamen Airlines transit passengers (transit lounge, city tour, hotel stay depending on length of transit). Her pro-activeness and customer-focused mindset has helped to make our long transit in Gaoqi Airport a very pleasant experience.
[1 stars]Zweben/lois Jean (USA) - May 8, 2018
Excess Baggage did not return my credit card. Normally I might be paged but standard , since they have flight information is rto return it to the passenger at the gate upon boarding

Suggest amending your protocol
[question]David (Australia) - June 28, 2017
Can I please find out if I need a visa for a layover of less than 12 hours; KLM airlines; carry on luggage only
Thank you
[1 stars]elynn - February 27, 2014
Check in queue was slow that result long queue and people are frustrating. Thing cannot put in checked in baggage when ask can hand carriage the staff mention is fine and okay for that. I bought 2 powerbank as gift. When i pass the security check the staff mention only limit 20k and the powerbank was only 15k. I put inside my bag and another staff mention limit only 3k. I was so fed up with the staff at xiamen gaoqi airport.

Please let all the staff know what can or cannot bring onto flight.

An unpleasant experience with xiamen gaoqi airport.
[3 stars]David Lau (Singapore) - June 12, 2008
Clean and convenient. Very well managed.

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China travel facts

Basic stats

Population1322 million
English proficiency
Diplomacy229 Chinese embassies and consulates


CurrencyYuan Renminbi (¥ / CNY)
Euro exchange rate€1 = ¥9.80
¥1 = €0.10
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = ¥6.82
¥1 = US$0.15


Country code+86
International dialing prefix00
GSM standard900


Plug type

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