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Ndjamena Airport — Ndjamena, Chad


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Bol Airport, Bol (OTC), 148km (92mi)
Yagoua Airport, Yagoua, Cameroon (GXX), 199km (124mi)
Salam Airport, Maroua, Cameroon (MVR), 206km (129mi)
Bongor Airport, Bongor (OGR), 209km (130mi)
Maiduguri Airport, Maiduguri, Nigeria (MIU), 215km (134mi)

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Passenger feedback

[3 stars]Jacob Bell - April 16, 2008
N'Djamena Airport was well-kept, and reservations were properly handled. Flights left on time. I returned from N'Djamena two weeks ago. I witnessed NO corruption and never bribed anyone. I am not sure what the other user is referring to.
[2 stars]Non Arab (expat) - February 10, 2008
The Airport is well constructed and flights generally leave on a timely fashion. There is the constant corruption of customs and immigration as is common in this region.

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Chad travel facts

Basic stats

Population9.9 million
Diplomacy30 Chad embassies and consulates


CurrencyCentral African CFA franc (CFA / XAF)
Euro exchange rate€1 = CFA656.2
CFA1000 = €1.52
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = CFA447.2
CFA1000 = US$2.24


Country code+235
International dialing prefix15


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