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King Abdulaziz International Airport
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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Taif Airport, Taif (TIF), 145km (91mi)
Yanbu Airport, Yanbu (YNB), 296km (184mi)
Al-Aqiq Airport, Al-Baha (ABT), 300km (187mi)
Port Sudan Airport, Port Sudan, Sudan (PZU), 309km (193mi)
Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport, Madinah (MED), 325km (202mi)

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Passenger feedback

[1 stars]MR SYED HASEENUL ABEDIN (London, United Kingdom) - November 7, 2018
Recently I used the airport. Toilet facilities in the airport is horrible. Unusable. I found that disgusting. Not expected from a oil rich country.
[1 stars]Faisal Shamim (pakistan) - June 17, 2014
I was having my flight SV700 from today depart at 03:40 am from fromJeddah (King Abdulaziz International) and landed at 9:45 am at Karachi (Jinnah International). Unfortunately due to mishap at Jeddah Airport I lost my hand carry with 2 x Tablet PCs and 1 x Notebook. This was of great importance for me , If any one could find it at lost properly or from anywhere at jeddah airport.
[question]shahameed (UAE) - March 11, 2014
There are some people standing at exit point of Air Port and harassing passengers .They keep their passport and make them wait very long unnecssarily . The govt should immmediately stop these agents . They are really giving hard time for expats and scary experience .
Sarah - May 17, 2013
You need to learn how to write english or have someone correct your writing! WOW!
[1 stars]haffessrab (France) - April 29, 2013
Assalaamu Alaikum could u please publish this on ur wall we do need assistance.

could u kindly request your saudi sheikhs to advise your airport authorities regarding the laws of niqab/veiling coz it appears dey mayb followers of sheikh google. I just returnd 4rm umrah, on thursday evening last week I arrived @jeddah airport, ders some foto security system @da counter where a niqabi woman is expected to remove her niqab in full view of hundreds of men in the que behind her as well as all&sundry workers porters milling about, da arabic speaking woman ahead of me unveiled witout protest for @least 3mintes but when it was my turn I refused point blank 2da guy behind da counter, can't dis foto thing be done privately in a room but he was adamant that dis is da law! How disgusting! 1would imagine your country should understand da laws of shariah better dan others! Finally I had2get my mahrams 2hold up der ihram towels 2create a shield 4me so I could unveil 4da foto! Could not believe his moronic intransigence! Da general demeanor ofda saudi officials leaves much2b desired scornful arrogant boorish bumkins more often dan not sorry2say. If it wasn't 4da haramain sharifain I would not step foot in saudi arabia bcoz of der attitude, eg der wudb old weary travellers, crabby babies etc inda long que but da guys bhind da counters r nonchalant contemptious merciless taking der time strutting off 4no apparant reason keeping 1person @da counter 4up2 15minutes 4no reason, basically der work ethic stinks, der were a few arabic speaking women with whining kids who lost der composure &created a scene shouting @dem 2move faster but2no avail really something has got2b done about dis, pilgrims r gods guests dey ought 2b treated wit dignity& respect not lyk crap as is &was always da situation der in ur so called holy kingdom, plz contact da relevant authorities & get da ball rolling so dey get der act 2gether instead of procuring da curses of ppl, dey need2b told dey'r not doing any1 a favour 4gods sake. Returning 2my home country yesterday(south africa) was a breath of fresh air, da woman bhind da counter a non muslim took me courteously 2a private room 2identify me wit my passport picture & even askd if my veil is on properly I cud check in a mirror provided b4 we left da room!! Wud u bliev! In a non muslim country dat is.

Plz feel free 2send my complaint even with my name to whomsoever you feel could be of help 2remedy the situation. Da aforementioned incident happened on thursday evening last week 27/12/2012
If anyone could be of assistance contact me email

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Saudi Arabia travel facts

Basic stats

Population28 million
Diplomacy105 Saudi embassies and consulates


CurrencySaudi riyal (SAR)
Euro exchange rate€1 = SAR5.39
SAR1 = €0.19
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = SAR3.75
SAR1 = US$0.27


Country code+966
International dialing prefix00


Voltage120V or 220V
Plug type

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