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Lungi International Airport
Freetown, Sierra Leone


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Other nearby airports

Conakry Airport, Conakry, Guinea (CKY), 116km (73mi)
Fria Airport, Fria, Guinea (FIG), 197km (123mi)
Yengema Airport, Yengema (WYE), 235km (147mi)
Kenema Airport, Kenema (KEN), 236km (147mi)
Faranah Airport, Faranah, Guinea (FAA), 310km (193mi)

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Passenger feedback

Amadu thullah (water loo) - November 21, 2017
Lungi Air Port Is So Butyful It Has Good Air Condition It Has Good Roads
[question]David Adu-Bediako (Ghana) - June 23, 2017
The Ghana Airports Company Limited will be hosting the 1st ever Africa Airshow in Accra, Ghana from 24th-26th October 2017 at Kotoka International Airport. We would like to have the contact email for your airport to enable us send an invitation out to. Thank you.
[info]JF (Nederland) - March 30, 2013
Finally the crooks, government entrepeneurs etc. have been cleared from the airport. No one asks for bribes anymore! Proces is very easy/simple and the airport is clean. Ok, it's reasonable they ask for airport tax.

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Sierra Leone travel facts

Basic stats

Population6.1 million
Diplomacy16 Sierra Leone embassies and consulates


CurrencySierra Leonean leone (Le / SLL)
Euro exchange rate€1 = Le5,519
Le10000 = €1.81
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = Le3,805
Le10000 = US$2.63


Country code+232
International dialing prefix00


Plug type

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