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Conakry Airport
Conakry, Guinea


Air France

Other nearby airports

Fria Airport, Fria (FIG), 86km (54mi)
Lungi International Airport, Freetown, Sierra Leone (FNA), 116km (73mi)
Labe Airport, Labe (LEK), 243km (152mi)
Yengema Airport, Yengema, Sierra Leone (WYE), 300km (187mi)
Faranah Airport, Faranah (FAA), 316km (197mi)

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Passenger feedback

[1 stars]Rui Sousa (Portugal) - February 4, 2014
From Abidjan to Conakri luggage did not arrive! After 3 days no one at the airport is providing any real information when and if it will come!! Being 3 days without my private things in Conakri it is an adventure!!
Aeroport service is zero and all umployers are very rude and they simply don't care about the white men that lost is lugagge.
[question]Regina Hamilton (United States) - January 6, 2013
My friend lost his travelers checks at the airport. How do we get them back?
He bought them there.

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Guinea travel facts

Basic stats

Population9.9 million


CurrencyGuinean franc (FG / GNF)
Euro exchange rate€1 = FG7,123
FG10000 = €1.40
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = FG4,953
FG10000 = US$2.02


Country code+224
International dialing prefix00


Plug type

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