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Enrique Malek Airport
David, Panama

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Bocas Del Toro Airport, Bocas Del Toro (BOC), 108km (68mi)
Palmar Sur Airport, Palmar, Costa Rica (PMZ), 130km (81mi)
Limon Airport, Limon, Costa Rica (LIO), 186km (116mi)
Juan Santamaria International Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO), 264km (165mi)
Tortuquero Airport, Tortuquero, Costa Rica (TTQ), 270km (168mi)

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Passenger feedback

[question]J Timothy Lovett (USA, I own a house in Volcan) - April 19, 2020
my car is currently parked at Enrique Malek airport as I departed for a two week trip to Ecuado on 4 March and was not allowed to return on as planned on 18 March. I am currently in the US waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted to return to Panama. What should I do about my car parked at the airport.
[1 stars]carl lafoe (Chiriqui) - November 14, 2017
This needs got be fixed. no direct flight to San Jose anymore and not one single direct flight to usa. this is corruption at its finest. COPS is allowed to control this and this needs to stop. this is criminal. I will purchase my own line and will create a direct route to Miami if this doesn't happen soon. and ill do it at a price to hurt COPA....
[question]Mark K (Canada) - August 11, 2017
Are there any flights TO / FROM David other than those from Panama City? i.e. Any international flights? Anything from Costa Rica?
[2 stars]Gerald K Thomas (Miami) - October 13, 2014
Enrique Malek Airport needs to bring in a couple of international flights from the US. Miami, Florida should prove to be the best to fly out of since it is the hub for American Airlines.
[3 stars]Retso (United States) - January 13, 2014
Yes please get a direct flight from the U.S. or please someone start another airline besides Air Panama. I'm tired of Air Panama.
[1 stars]Nancybourque (Panama) - January 13, 2014
We were asked to pay a $15 airport tax today authority said they always had it ,funny we have never had it before. And it must be in cash,can any one say bride.

Also the airport can not bring in international flights because they put the fuel too close to the tower.
[info]K Nacks (Boston) - January 5, 2014
Great airport, great area. Please pump up the volume!!! Get some flights direct from the US!
Mike Nelson (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - September 28, 2013
Anyone have the latest updates on when the Enrique Malek airport will actually be in operation for accepting flights from the U.S. which airlines etc? We need to book flights soon and would sure like to go directly to David instead of PTY to PAC and then to DAV. Where are getting the information FROM?
[info]Robbie Small (Tamarac, FL) - August 20, 2013
The answer to the question about when David Airport will receive nonstop flights from the U.S. is: I've just read that they hope to have it operating December 2013. The terminal is 50% coplete and the runway extension is 60% done. Fingers crossed!!!
[question]Stepahanie Rogers (Los Vegas, Nevada USA) - May 2, 2013
What seems to be the "hold up" in regards to this airport? It would seem to me that Panama & Costa Rica could benefit from it opening....providing they both keep (ego's) out it.
[question]K Emms (Near Toronto Canada) - April 29, 2013
Live in Canada.I have been looking at places to spend a month or two in the winter. I Like the area near David because of the golf courses. I cant seem to find a flight from the USA to David and the alternative is 3 stops to get there. If anyone knows who and when an airline will be flying direct to USA please advise. Thanks Kerry
[info]Margaret Baker (Boca Chica, Panama) - February 11, 2013
Our airport in David has recently had some expansion and nice updates. It is very clean, with good restrooms (!), a coffee shop and a restaurant.

We are awaiting news of direct flights to and from the US. We have been told by personnel at the airport that it will be "soon" and they think the carriers will be Copa and "someone else." I am going back to the US in April and I sure would love to fly out of David, without having to go AirPanama to Panama City or to San Jose, Costa Rica!

If anyone has more recent updates by all means let us know!
[info]Carol B. (Canada) - March 7, 2010
Air Panama and Aeroplas fly to David from Panama City. There are rental cars available. Try or one of the big rental companies directly.
[question]LST (Orlando) - February 23, 2010
Are there any flights to David from Orlando,( MCO)?
[question]HARLEY KLATT (CANADA) - February 22, 2010
[question]Kevin Lammens (new york) - January 26, 2010
Are there car rantal companies at the airport?
[question]R. Taylor (Atlanta, GA, USA) - December 19, 2009
Any place to change Costa Rica to panamian curaaency in the David Airport?
[1 stars]Jim Winston (Los Angeles) - November 17, 2009
I loved everything about the David Airport accept one big thing (Big for Handicapped people). I'm in a wheelchair, there is no equipment, as of yet, to get a handicapped person off the plane in David. I have been carried off the plane each time which causes alot of stress for both the guys carrying you and for the handicapped person.
[question]Nate Johnson - October 18, 2009
When will the airport take international direct flights from the USA? That would be great for the area.
[question]W.R. Cooper (USA) - August 24, 2009
Is there an airline that flies from David to SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica)?
[question]Howard Landers (USA) - July 14, 2009
Are there direct non-stop services between David and San Jose, CR? If so, what airline(s) provide the services and how do I contact them?
[question]BILL FAHY (Ireland) - April 9, 2009
How can I find a list of destinations from yr. aiport?
[4 stars]w. eden (Iowa- USA) - April 9, 2008
Very clean and nice airport. Flew in from Bocas
Del Toro in Feb 2008. People very friendly and helpful with many rental car agencies.
[4 stars]Valerie Marcley (Massachusetts, USA) - February 8, 2008
My trip through your airport was very enjoyable and easy.
Thank you.

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Diplomacy49 Panama embassies and consulates


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