The Airport Authority

Queen Alia International Airport
Amman, Jordan

Queen Alia International Airport

Telephone: Our airport information desk numbers are:
+962 6445 1739 and +962 6445 3187

Passengers from certain countries will need to obtain a visa on arrival, which requires queuing at the counters next to the immigration inspector and paying JOD20 (equivalent to USD 28.50). This process is much simpler if you have sufficient Jordanian, US, or Euro currency in hand when you arrive. Certain citizenships will require obtaining approvals from Jordan embassies in the origin countries.

Departure taxes are included in the air ticket.

These regulations are subject to change by the concerned authorities without prior notice

Facilities and amenities

  • Express or private bus to town
  • Free wireless internet access
  • ATMs accepting international cards


AeroflotAir ArabiaAir France
AustrianBahrain AirBritish Airways
Fly DubaiGulf AirJazeera Airways
KLMLufthansaNas Air
Turkish AirlinesWataniya Airways

Budget airlines

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Public transport

The Airport Express bus runs according to the below schedule and costs 3 JOD (three Jordanian Dinars). The trip from the airport to central Amman usually takes from 45 minutes to an hour. The schedule and the bus stop in Amman are currently as follows:

  • Frequency from 6 am to 6 pm: every 30 minutes (both ways).
  • From 6pm to 12 midnight: every 60 minutes (both ways).
  • Extra trips and buses provided when needed.
  • Amman stop: North bus station - Tabarbour (not Abdali).

The bus operations are subject to change by the concerned bus operator depending on operational matters

Taxi service

Airport taxi service is available around the hour in both terminals, charges depend on the distance and they are displayed near the taxi office and on the curbside.

Airport hotel

The Golden Tulip hotel is on the airport campus, though a few minutes by road from the terminal buildings.

This hotel is primarily used by Royal Jordanian for long-haul passengers with overnight transit stops in Amman, but it is open to everyone.

Banking, ATMs, and currency exchange

Several ATMs are located in the arrivals area of both terminals.

Internet access

Wifi: Free wireless internet access is available in the departure level, in the area near the restaurants.

Other nearby airports

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Jerusalem Airport, Jerusalem, Israel (JRS), 75km (47mi)
Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel (TLV), 110km (69mi)
Sde Dov Airport, Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel (SDV), 122km (76mi)
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Passenger feedback

[1 stars]V. Santorini (ITALY) - September 2, 2022
Harassment of femal travelers at security check.

My female colleagues and I, who all travel and out of jordan frequently, are consistently harassed at the security checkpoint in amman, both when coming in and when leaving the country. The security personnel make a beeline for your electronic toothbrush, clearly expecting to find something else. And then proceed to root through your luggage throughly. They take out underwear, females hygiene products, all done by men, without wearing gloves and in full view of other passengers. It is humiliating and we all feel harassed every single time. They do this only to western females. I wish this will change.
[info]TMyers - January 14, 2018
Although the "new" airport is much cleaner and more modern than the old one, there are still many serious issues to address. Primarily, integrity is lacking. When my family and I were passing through security, a man in a suit -- obviously an airport employee but not a security staffer -- made my son open and empty his backpack. He then sorted through the entire contents, item by item, and kept for himself those he found most impressive. Essentially, he was shopping. It was so disappointing to watch as my son's hard-earned possessions stuffed this guy's pockets. Disgraceful.
[info]L. Mehyar (Bahrain) - November 5, 2014
First of all, to answer Juha Puntila, yes, my friend's old collectible binoculars were taken from her carry on in Minneapolis Airport to Chicago. When she received them in O'Hare, the binocular leg was broken due to careless staff handling, so it can happen anywhere.
The reason of my feedback is to thank Ahmad Salam at Gulf Air check up counter for helping me and my spouse during our frequent trips to Jordan.
[info]L. Mehyar (Bahrain) - November 5, 2014
First of all, to answer Juha Puntila, yes, my friend's old collectible binoculars were taken from her carry on in Minneapolis Airport to Chicago. When she received them in O'Hare, the binocular leg was broken due to careless staff handling, so it can happen anywhere.
The reason of my feedback is to thank Ahmad Salam at Gulf Air check up counter for helping me and my spouse during our frequent trips to Jordan.
[1 stars]john vincent leonora (phillipines) - September 28, 2014
Be careful with phillipine national who is working in this airport preferably in the massage shop near boarding gate. I lost my money in that area u was asleep when she took my money. Be careful with that person she os very dangerous. I cursed her!
z rka (US) - August 20, 2014
AIPORT TAXI DISRESPECTFUL. The 'really nice and new airport' has airport taxis which we are forced to use do not respect the rules which require that they do not speed, do NOT smoke, and follow basic driving requirements such as holding the steering wheel with 2 hands at the proper "10 and 2" position (or close to it). I usually wait until a taxi driver agrees to follow these basic rules. however, this time, the taxi driver for airport taxi started swearing at me and insulting me because of my civilized request. I told him to respect himself and he refused. I told him I will complaint and he said do whatever I want because nothing will happen. No tourist will (or Jordanian should) accept such disrespect. With the hope that you will require airport taxi to follow these basic rules, and reprimand this taxi driver (his green license plate # is "50-30774").
[question]Rakhi Savla (India) - July 22, 2014

I am Indian.
Travelling from Europe to India, with a stop over at Queen Alia. This is a flight of Royal Jordanian airlines. There is a change of plane, but we don't go out of the airport. Do I need a transit visa?
M. Smith - July 7, 2014
As of a couple of months ago, the visa cost has DOUBLED to 40 JD (not 20JD as posted on this site). PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE TO INDICATE THIS!
[question]C R. - June 15, 2014
the bus that goes from the airport to Amman does it stop in Seven circle or only in tabrbour?
[question]Confused - May 12, 2014
I have a question about the visa upon arrival, I hold Comoros passport, and would like to know if I can avail a visa upon arrival to AMM, tried calling the numbers but nothing, the embassy refused to give me a visit pre-travel although on the embassy website it says Comoros passport holders can get it upon arrival which makes me confused, any information please?
[1 stars]James - April 25, 2014
Never use the money exchange which is near the baggage claim area, exit and exchange money from the ones outside, 100 jd difference
[question]Firoz Alam (india) - April 7, 2014
most humbly and respectfully I beg to say that I am firoz alam but now a days still working in Saudi aerospace Eng. industries in Jeddah my comp name elkhereji corporation .3 years 4month working .
but I need visa
[1 stars]David Ealse (UK) - December 16, 2013
Let me tell you ! Lack of common sense is what comes to mind! Frozen sandwich! That's what you may get if your delayed. I mean the staff don't know what they are doing frankly don't cars either.
New airport but same old unprofessional workers who lack the basics of human courtesy.
[4 stars]Around the World (Australia) - November 6, 2013
Great Airport, clean , Nice lovely people , people should Shut up and stop complaining about silly things, people dont appreciate things any more . Thank you Jordan
[question]Philipp Weiersmüller (Switzerland) - October 19, 2013
Don´t use the ATM before getting the VISA!!!! I tried twice but didn´t get any money, so I needed to pay with my credit card. BUT they booked me 700 Dollars althought I never got any money! Start fighting now to get back my money... happy holidays! :S
[info]tony - October 4, 2013
don't know where the bad comments are coming from I thought is was a excellent airport clean fast check in and security check was fast met no rude staff ok the were not over friendly but were in no way rude duty free shops are very good
[info]Jordan man (Jordan) - September 7, 2013
If you want to show us what you pray its other story, but god will not ask you what you don't pray on this time, so not need to say for us you 2nd Mohamad.
pray in your home if you can't see in airport Mosque. better for us. by they way Amman airport have big Mosque, i hope no body will say this Mosque because not need to make it dirty. go to your home better.

All the Muslim stupid so nothing new.
[question]SYLWIA KANIA (POLAND) - September 1, 2013
Hello I hightly recommend to don't use payless car rental on the airport. I was rent a car and that company never give me money back for my deposit!!!!! That was 400JD and its one and halt month after and I still don't have money back!!! Contact with them is also very hard! When I give the car back they told me that they send me money back next day. Thieves! I recommend to use diferrent car rental.
[question]maan - August 27, 2013
Is there a paid lounge in the new airport? my client will be staying for 9 hours to wait for her flight so we need to know if there is a comfortable place she can nap and stay even for a fee?
[1 stars]manal shoubaki - August 24, 2013
We have been travelling with Royal Jordanian for the past 20 years and never have we experienced such bad customer service during boarding. I have been blessed with a now 14 year old boy with Autism. He is very sweet and however we need to cooperate with him in order to keep him calm. We even have a doctor's note explaining just that. The staff (Ahmad Suhiemat and Wael Al So'ob) did exactly the opposite. They were very rough and had a very bad attitude when directing him to security. They treated my son like a criminal. Mr. Suhiemat took our doctor's note and refused to give it back when we needed it to the Chicago airport. He even wrote his name on our doctor's note. Mr. So'ob called the Duty manager Dunia Dwiri and she told them to cooperate with Keith. Mr. So'ob even went to her office and brought her in. She told him, "I already told you on the phone why did you bring me here?" Mrs. Dwiri apologized to us for their bad behavior. Mr. Suhiemat and Mr. So'ob treated my family like criminals and foreigners in our own country. They made us so nervous that we had the worst trip with Royal Jordanian. Their behavior was so bad that we having second thoughts on ever flying Royal Jordanian again.
[question]richard (nigeria) - August 19, 2013
For a nigeria passenger coming from chicago transisting overnight before connecting flight to lagos , who is responsible for the hotel accommodation overnight?
[1 stars]Geane Abuafifeh (uk) - August 12, 2013
Sorry but the new airport is rubbish and if I know that I had to ask my husband to take my kids home I wound have never gone my kids was born in the uk not jordan and I dont care in my eye they r British My kids will never go bk to jordan again
[1 stars]J Smith (Oregon, USA) - August 9, 2013
I have traveled to thirty seven countries over the course of the last twenty years, and I have to say that the Queen Alia airport is the worst I have experienced. The veneer of cleanliness, the high ceilings and luxury shops hide an underbelly of corruption and absolute disregard for basic human dignity. My husband is in a wheelchair, and at every other airport we have ever travelled to, his personal (custom-fit) wheelchair is brought to the door of the airplane - this is standard procedure. In Amman he was subjected to sitting for 2 hours in their crappy broken wheelchair, only to have his own specialized chair tossed onto the luggage belt as if it were a piece of luggage instead of a fragile piece of medical equipment necessary for his very survival. The staff were extremely rude and demanded bribes, and the passport agents refused to stamp our child's passport saying it was unnecessary, despite us asking several times to stamp the child's passport -- and when we reached the border by land a few days later, we were told by the border officers to RETURN TO THE AIRPORT to get the necessary stamp on our child's passport. UNBELIEVABLE!! This is the worst airport in the world.
[1 stars]Mohamed Amin (Uk) - August 5, 2013
The airport is ok still new and fresh , wait a few mothns and will collapse . Everyone agree that airports are gates to countries , first thing which travellars see . And with the staff who runs this airport you will be shocked , rude , no smile , somes even dont shower . Thanks god that i am not traveling throught Amman every day .
[2 stars]N. Saleh (USA) - August 1, 2013
Nice new airport, clean bathrooms, free WiFi is very helpful but I noticed that it is provided by a private company and not the airport itself. Passport personnel seemed incompetent, I went through the security are down to the luggage area only to find a police officer asking me to go back to stamp my passport. You could smell tobacco all around it looks like employees smoke somewhere inside the airport. If you need something you gota ask many people but eventually you will get what you need. Keep your expectations low!
[3 stars]George Herd (United Kingdom) - July 19, 2013
Just passeed through QAIA, and having previously read the feedback above was pleasantly surprised - very helpful staff all the way through, and all with good English. No complaints.
[info]Fida - July 18, 2013
Mr Kevin!! We as Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day! We can't miss those prayers and as Jordan is a Muslim country it must provide a place for fellow Muslims to perform their prayers (on time) most of us traveling will spend countless hours at the airport and we are forced to make our prayers there, we are not imposing anything on your KIND self we are answering are God's are not required to go to this place and I'm sure it won't hinder your other "vibrant" activities!! Hope people grow up and respect others' choice as they want others to respect theirs!!
[1 stars]Ahmad G - July 15, 2013
No pay phone...delayed baggage

Ok...nice airport and the facility is brand new but I am not sure why they wouldn't think about installing a couple of pay phones Baggage took an hour and fifteen mintures to show up!
[1 stars]Nick van Hoof (Holland) - July 13, 2013
Not a good service. No respect for the passengers. very rude police! please update your management for a better service in the future.
[3 stars]Cllr. M. Hussain (United Kingdom) - July 11, 2013
i recently traveled on Royal Jordanian Airline, i found the service quiet good. But was disappointed, that there were no facilities at the Queen Alia Airport, for wudhu and prayer, which was very disappointing. Here in UK, a non -Muslim country provides excellent prayer facilities for its Muslim travelers.Come Jordan, take a leaf from Heathrow Airport and provide a mosque at the Airport
[2 stars]Aamer (Pakistan) - June 29, 2013
There is no baggage wrapping facility at the airport. I could not believe this. I tried to confirm with airport staff but they barely knew English. However, with whatever Arabic I knew, I got it confirmed that there is no wrapping facility. At an international airport this is unbelievable.
[2 stars]Paul Roberts (Australia) - June 19, 2013
Look this airport is new clean very nice but the staff let it down, crude ,rude uncaring.BEWARE your electronic items,watches,expensive pens at the security scanners.Put them in your luggage securely & lock because there is a good chance it will get pinched....dont know by whom but it is happening too regular to be a coincidence.Wish there was a supervisor to talk to when staff don't behave.Travel safe!
[1 stars]Selena (Florida) - June 16, 2013
The airport is maybe ok, but the people is very rude, staff very unproffesional,and like other see that this airport is excellent coz of wifi, my concern is,you dont go to that airport to use wifi, but to travel, wifi doesnt make any airport excellent, staff were less trained and no standard, they look so lazy and just passing thier times working, others smoking, janitor were just watching ladies,no laggage helper, staff extrememly unfriendly, so the airport maybe nice to local, but for other traveler its unconfortable, as i read alot of negative review here, this is true, coz been there, i travel through QAIA AMMAN JORDAN
[info]Mrs. Rounds (Filipino American) - June 16, 2013
The staff were so rude, in gulf air 974 may 21st from Amman Jordan To bahrain, gave me wrong information about the cost of per baggage exceed,was $22 he told me to go RJ office to pay and the cashier told me, that its $25 per kl. i went to the teller, and tell him, he high his damn voice on me said ''MA'AM THE RJ IS ACCURATE, so i told him so do not give wrong info to passengers, Before that i was about 5 meters away, to checkin my baggage and he was calling me''' pssssst ma'am come here, what pssssst mean? a sheep?or its just his crap behaviour,or it was coz of my look of nationality, his english were very poor, and yet very rude.
To the management, u have to do internal audit and trained staff to be professional and to be friendly to all passengers, coz i think they are breaken the company image..
Mrs. Rounds
[2 stars]Love Jordan otherwise (Switzerland) - May 25, 2013
I wanted to give a better rating because the new airport looks really nice. However, at 22:40 we are not let inside because the Lufthansa counter doesn't open until midnight. That's one thing, but why keep us away from stores and restaurants? 5(!) employees sit at entrances and do nothing else but tell passengers that they need to wait. As for rental car return, you just have to know that you need to follow "Authorized vehicles" - no signs whatsoever. And after the rental car counter in the Arrivals hall you need to figure out yourself where the Departure hall is (not too difficult: upper level) and how to get there (go outside and take escalator or elevator off to the side). While the airport looks nice, customer service seems to be nonexistant, which was also obvious at immigration: one officer sends you to another, but that counter is supposedly closed. No information concerning visas and that € or $ are not accepted => first stop in immigration hall needs to be money exchange, but that's not obvious and staff is not helpful. Not a great welcome at 1:00am.
[info]Charl Twal (Jordan) - May 25, 2013
Many travellers do have some 8-20 h transit at Queen alia airport they can use this time by taking a car to Madaba city which is only 25 Km from airport and use this time to explore the city and also they can do a trip to Mount Nebo and Dead Sea which is very close to Madaba.
[info]Ahmed (UAE) - May 20, 2013
To all those who request that a mosque / prayer room be built, how about we also request that a church and a temple be built ? Seriously, what the heck is wrong with you guys ? And yes I do know that Islam requires prayers 5 times a day, but let's be fair to all religions then!
[2 stars]Loz (UK) - May 10, 2013
Rose, try carrying less stuff if you can't manage it round the airport...
My only complaint so far - apart from the lack of food before checkin - is that the air conditioning is a bit too much! It may be great during the day but it's freezing at night
[1 stars]rose jobe (usa) - April 20, 2013
this is the worst airport ever , you need a bick to go around , i almost missed my flight ,, and no packge help when you depart , even for fist class no one to help you to get you bags inside ,, this is so bad ,, i wont travel thru amman any more , i wish who ever build that airport to think about the passenger before thinking how much money he is getting ,,
this is an airport to make it easy on passenger to go around , we need a luggage services pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
M. Croydon (Great Britain) - April 17, 2013
The new airport is much better than the old one. Two issues, both of which are the same as in the old airport: there is no decent place to eat before you go through border control (a problem when somebody has come with you to see you off), and the security people still do not let non passengers go to the check in counters. The other day I had to see off my two children, and the security people were adamant that I could not accompany them to check in. It is not like that in any other airport I have ever been to, and there does not seem to be any kind of reason for it.

I agree that there should be a mosque - there were prayer rooms in the old airport.
[4 stars]Mohammad Ameer (Jordan) - April 13, 2013
I have been to QAIA and I think it is an excellent airport because it provides free WiFi and it is also a modern airport
[1 stars]kevin (san francisco, california) - April 11, 2013
the new airport building itself is nice..but too bad the people who work there are not. very unprofessional employees. barely speak english. they visually rape any uncovered women passing by. so remember just HIDE YO WIFE, AND HIDE YO KIDS!

@the person who requested a mosque be built inside the airport(WTF?!)...HOW ABOUT NOT...keep your religion at home and dont try to impose it on the rest of us!

anyway this airport still has a longgg way to go before it can actually be considered half decent.
[4 stars]L. KHIRFAN (Canada-Jordan) - March 28, 2013
Excellent new building. But it seems it will be a challenge to maintain good standards. I'm there at the moment about to depart, and I'm already suffocating from the smell of smoke! Yes, there are designated smoking rooms, but what is the point if the door remains open and the smoke seeps out?! If management is interested, check the room near gate 216.
Also, staff at some of the services, such as cafes still have light years ahead of them in terms of customer service --light years!!!
[info]Dee Cooper (Chicago, IL) - March 28, 2013
I wonder why this new airport in Jordan does not have a mosque where Muslim travelers can pray? There is a lot of controversy about this in Jordanian newspapers. As an American convert to Islam, I believe there should be a mosque. Even in America, which is predominately Christian, many airports have mosques or prayer areas. O'Hare in Chicago has a mosque in the center of the domestic terminal, and there is a large prayer area in the international terminal, as well. I hope the airport officials will add a mosque!
[info]Hani (Jordan) - March 20, 2013
I have read all the comments & can almost agree with everyone. This airport is a great airport & a good one but it lacks proper management & trained staff. It is more of a governemnt employment agency for those who can't find jobs & therefore I trust that with the new managment which is private sector...things will get better. The main issue s employees not understanding what customer care is & how jthey do not understand different culture. Big efforts to train & change the attitude of any employee working at the airport should be done. And last but not least enforcement of laws, rules & regulations is a must especially with staff working at the airport which many of them are caught smoking under no smoking signs! I really hope that things will change!
[3 stars]T Stevenson (Canada) - March 16, 2013
I arrived the day the new terminal opened (March 14).

Unless they change it (and hopefully they will), when you are walking toward immigration/visa there is a sign above you that indicates Visa to the left. Don't turn left if you are getting a visa on arrival, Visa is not there...go straight. When you get to immigration go in the left lane (there was someone directing people). This takes you to a kiosk where there are two staff, one clearly says visa (right) and passport or immigration or pasport (left). Buy your visa from the staff on the right and then he passes your passport to the staff right next to him.

Just before you get sorted into the two lanes noted above there is a bank machine and an money exchange counter to the left. The whole process was very easy (just the signage is wrong initially in the main hallway).

New terminal is very nice and modern.
[2 stars]Murad (UAE) - March 10, 2013
the good thing about it that it is small and you finish yourr procedures very fast. the bad things is the attitude of many staff, specilly the policemen and customs staff, and cleaners who are cheasing you for tips.
very expensive services, laguage belt is extremely bad
[1 stars]Shocked Traveler (CALIFORNIA, USA) - March 9, 2013
One of the WORST airports I have ever experienced in my life! There is NO FOOD VARIETY, and the only place they have is extremely overpriced. The airport staff has to be one of the dumbest and inconsiderate group of people I have ever encountered in my life. The cleaning crew will harass your wife and daughters. If you look Arab, but don't speak Arabic, they ridicule you. Overall very poor service, and the English-speaking levels of the staff is extremely lacking. Random baggage checks throughout the mall. Be careful through security, my laptop was stolen. It was just so unorganized and unprofessional (just like the whole country), the workers are talking and joking with each other the whole time.
[1 stars]Dave Peck (UK) - February 23, 2013
The arrangements for security scanning at the entrance to departures is a shambles.
There are a lot of officials around but no signage and no-one offering any guidance as to what should and what should not be scanned.
There is no queuing system so there is a complete free for all with people competing to get their luggage onto the belt. The resulting jumble of luggage coming through the other side just piles up.
Having been sent back several times to put additional items through the scanner (belt, shoes, a single coin!!!), when I was finally reunited with my luggage, MY IPHONE HAD BEEN STOLEN FROM THE TRAY.
Staff were helpful in reviewing the scanner images and confirming that the phone did pass through the scanner but they have no cameras on the luggage collection zone so there was nothing they could do.
I was advised that I could go to an office and review the images myself and make a complaint but that this would probably mean missing my flight. I was also advised that the only way to get a police theft report wpuld be to leave the airport and go to the police station and, of course, miss my flight.
There is a second scanner which was not in use but which was working (it was used to rescan my stuff to double check). If it had been running the crush may have been avoided.
With a few simple steps, order could replace chaos.
[4 stars]Ameer Nusairat - February 20, 2013
Queen Alia International Airport is the best airport in Asia because it is so clean, so nice, and has free Wi-Fi.
[2 stars]Mike (US) - February 11, 2013
Come on guys, not sure what all the complaining is all about, it's a small to med size airport. I live in Jordan and travel almost every week. To say its the worst airport is a huge exaggeration, has anyone been through; Orly, Cairo, Jakarta, Manila, La Guardia, Jackson, and a few other airports that come to mind which are truly disastrous??

Not all the staff are non-English speaking, they do speak English, and they are not all trying to fleece you, I've seen much worse scams in Heathrow than I ever did see in Amman.

If you get a porter, negotiate upfront it's 3-5Jds ($5-8), exchange the minimum to pay for your visa. And just exercise normal travel precautions that you do anywhere in the world when traveling.

Jordan is not perfect, but it's a safe, easy to get to around, and still relatively inexpensive. Don't rent a car, the driving is tough. And pre agree prices with cab drivers before you get in. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of things to see and wonderful non chain restaurants to try.

If you can navigate through any US airport or an Asian one, this is very civilized and easy.
[2 stars]John Chan - January 16, 2013
A bit dark and cluttered, not especially welcoming but I wasn't treated rudely. Immigration are pretty disinterested but fine. Beware though with your bags. Both times i arrived my bags were 'missing' from the conveyer belt and both times I had to go to the lost baggage counter. A porter took me to my bag which was behind a pillar. He asked for a tip for finding them which i didnt pay. The fact this happened twice to me doesn't feel like a coincidence and has never happened elsewhere, it looks like they might be running a ruse to get relieved passengers to hand out tips to porters? Not sure but be aware.
[1 stars]Hamza Suwi (USA) - January 11, 2013
worse service ever. people at airport dont know what they are doing. they litterly screw my flight cause they dont know the rules or if i can say they dont like to learn the rules so they dont follow them.
[question]ali arafat (u.s.a) - January 11, 2013
when the airpoet the one came from new york to amman
[question]Juha Puntila (Finland) - January 8, 2013
I was flying from Amman to Istanbul 7.Jan.2013 and got stopped because my normal small sized birdwatching binoculars. I was told that they were a security problem and had to be sent as a luggage. We were travelling only with hand luggage, so we had to put quite valuable binoculars in. No explanation was given, no english, french, italian or german spoken. Question is, is it common rule in Amman airport that binoculars are not allowed as a hand luggage?
Guss Issa (USA) - December 17, 2012
The funny thing is that most people who are complaining about Airport staff not speaking English, can't even write their comments correctly in English. I know that I am not very happy about the airport facilities, but believe me you can finish your work their very easily and very quickly. Any one who has been in JFK or Laguardia Airports in USA will definitely appreciate QA Airport in Jordan. I am sure that the person who commented about Jordan not being managed properly, does not even know what he's talking about.
Frank (England) - December 17, 2012
I was there when His Majesty King Hussain oficially opened this airport on 26th.May.1983 and stayed there for a further 3 years working at QAIA as an engineer. After initial technical problems the airport was operating efficiently and staffed with cheerful and friendly people.
I am dismayed to read so many adverse comments and sincerely hope the authorities will take note and take action as neccessary. I made many Jordanian and Palestinian friends during my stay in Jordan and often think of the pleasant years I spent there.
[question]Dr. Detlef K ampschulte (germany) - December 7, 2012
The 21.Nov we went with flight RJ 126 to Ammann and we passed the transit for our connection flight to Colombo. In the transit aerea my husband left his golden watch " Pierre Cardin " and two eyeglasses. Have they been found?
[4 stars]John S (UK) - November 26, 2012
Contrary to the website info, you must pay the JD20 visa fee in Dinars. On arrival, go straight to the bank exchange counter and change money equivalent to JD20 before queuing up to buy the visa. The banks give a poor rate - 10% less than private bureaux in town, so only change the minimum.

The airport is generally efficient and easy to get through in both directions. Short term Car park right outside Arrivals.
Beer is available in Departures. Large duty free shop with some nice Jordanian food items (eg pastries) at fairly reasonable prices.

A tip for first time tourists to Jordan: skip Amman and get a taxi or rental car to drive to Madaba. It's an easy 30 minute journey, and Madaba is a much more relaxing place to start your holiday. Nice lot of beer available, and wonderful mosaics. We stayed at the very good "Mosaic City Hotel".
[4 stars]HAMZA DAKKA (LONDON, UK) - November 5, 2012
I visited Amman Dec 2011, airport staff and workers are very helpful and friendly, I loved the Jordanian pipe/drumms played behind the curtains early in the morning, buses from Airport are regular and cheap.
Away from airport I was shocked when I went early to Husseini Grand Mosque in downtown to find that no toilets were open for Fajer prayer (only around 8am).
People are friendly, but government should have more control on taxis and privet cabs. I was lucky to survive after crossing the road in downtown few times without being hit by passing cars.
[4 stars]Salam (US) - October 16, 2012
I travelalmost once every year to Jordan from the US. Every time, I have been greeted by efficient and friendly staff who make me feel proud to return home. A big thank you! Keep up the great work!
[question]the refused one who was born in Jordan - October 13, 2012
Jordan is my birthplace, my mother is Jordanian and I lived in Jordan 19 years out of 21 years , however , when I arrived at the airport they refused many people and I was one of them ... why ? why ? ... all my family still live there as well ...
[3 stars]Lite L - September 23, 2010
All these people must not have seen too many airport. Though it is not the most modern airport or the cleanliest, it is by far one of the most efficient airports.
It is old and that is why it looks a bit dirty in some areas.
The Check in is much faster than the majority of the US airports.

The RJ Business heck in and lounge is exremely convient and clean.

But the positive factor is that they are building a bigger and a more modern terminals to replace the current airport facilities.

I have been through the airport more that 60 times and I rate it as small good efficient airport compared to others.
[info]S. Little (USA) - September 21, 2010
Its a great airport, ladies and gentlemen, what's all this complaining about?????

To begin with, it helps improve your stamina by keeping you waiting endlessly for everything from passport to customs to airport ticketing, so this helps tone the muscles in your lower back..

Then you have what I like to call "character strengthening" which they do by basically treating you like a criminal.... Not bad you see, this way you get to become a stronger person, you see because what does not kill you can only make you stronger.

Then they try to extort money from you for some reason. Then again, not bad, this way you learn how to protect yourself from extortionists in the future.

And if you are lucky, they'll accuse of something just to see how you react....
This way they want to figure out your breaking point....

If you pass all these tests, they'll just smile and then you can thank them for passing their character strengthening seminar.....
[1 stars]NED (USA) - August 28, 2010
The airport is a dump, the staff is rude, and yes no one speaks English. I am an American but originally from Iraq. I don't speak good Arabic and was mistreated and called a lier when I said I can understand more Arabic than I can speak. The immigration officer claimed not to speak any English an then called me a f***ing lier and accused me of carrying a stolen passport. It was humiliating and annoying and when started to get angry with him he stamped my passport and let me go through but kept cussing in Arabic simply because I didn't speak good enough Arabic.
[info]lucia (phil) - August 26, 2010
this time i am travelling by land the travel all the way from kwt to jordan all cement ahhh when reaching jordan strated the way from the border of saudi to city of jordan big trucks and bad roads why what happened ????
[info]LHauser (Evanston IL) - August 24, 2010
We were in Jordan 2 years ago. While I can't remember anything about cleanliness, etc., we were treated very well. The people are lovely. And getting a visa was quite easy. Also, Jordan itself was wonderful--again great people, great food. We walked the streets in local areas without fear, got smiles and nods. We're going back this fall. It's a wondreful country.
daria - August 23, 2010
hi/i would like to tell about my visit to Jordan(queen alia international airport).first of all non of the staff doesnt know the english language.that is why it is impossible to explaine anything to can not ask anything.after all it is very dirty.if it is an international airport try to make it look like INTERNATIONAL.
[question]rachanee (Thailand) - August 5, 2010
I will come to Jordan in October, bur read from all friends comments, I am so afraid. What should I do?
[1 stars]marianna - July 14, 2010
the worse airport ever!!! they know nthing about customer service, they all stare to you as dogs,the place is very smelly,they took all my presents and they didnt even make the effort to load them to me or even give them to the person who was with me outside!!!what a thiefs!!when i asked the man who was in charge he talked to me in very rude accent!! he barely shouted to me all he was saying is olease sit down and at the end they did nothing to me,,

i dont recommend any flight,vacation, or even transit from that place!!!
C.Hifes - June 29, 2010
This comments are like the smoking signs no one cares about them cause pp are complaining since 2008 and things seems to be the same why the airport's authority do nothing? Maybe they do not understand English. We'll be visiting Jordan soon and leaving in a RJ plane let's see what happens.....I'll write soon.
[info]yousif (U.S.A) - June 27, 2010
oh my god these are all lies i work from ohio and jordan i go to jordan 2 times every month for bussiness i have been doing this for 2 years now and ive never expiernced anything bad they are nice people and have good prices and people there are helpful.
[info]mary (Canada) - June 17, 2010
would you please all shut up seriously i am from canada and i went to Jordan and everything was just great ...
[question]john staples (Britain ,,,,and proud of it) - June 9, 2010
As a stranger if one gets through all this mayhem ,what are the jordanian people like in the cities ,is it safe to go out in the evenings are the hotel staff trustworthy, Are the police out to fleece you if possible ,I really had set my heart on visiting Jordan but now I am having second thoughts about it all .
[1 stars]EC (US) - May 21, 2010
Worse airport ever. They keept my husband bags and refuse to give them back unless he paid $512. He spend 3 horrible days stuck there. But not at the airport since they threw him to the street while he waited for a plane ticket. Your just better off avoiding this airport at all, and this airline theyre a bunch of crooks.
[info]bataineh, b (usa) - May 16, 2010
I am very disapointed of the poor service and customer service this airlinne provides. I ll never use u services again never to sum my anger rude flight attendents, alot of little crying children with incosiderate parents, nasty treatment i encounterd during my visit to the airline office in amman
[info]Ahmad Faidi (Amman) - April 26, 2010
Welcome all to our country Jordan , We provide full legal services in Jordan to whom it may concern or need our back up any time..
Faidi Law Firm
+962 79 5650 747
Magdalene Peter (Dar es salaam, TANZANIA) - April 9, 2010
I am expecting to travel to Amman for a three day official visit beginning 27th April 2010. Unfortunately there is no Jordanian Embassy or a Consulate Office in my country (Tanzania). Could you please advice me on how to obtain a visa?
[1 stars]ABDUL ( WANT TO BE A PROUD JORDANIAN ) (jordanian and a U.S citizen.) - March 10, 2010
the airport is dirty, the people (employees) are rude,krude, uncivilized bedwains uneducated trashy idiots. please bare in mind this is an international airport ? ? shame on you airport authortiy and shame on you royal jordanian , we flew ( my wife, my 5 year old son and myself) into amman from turkey on (RJ) iam jordanian by birth , my wife is turkish and we live in the united states this is my first visit to jordan in about 30 years , as a joradnian i was so proud at first to be flighing on (RJ) it was very nice very clean and the service was ok too ...once we got to the airport we were struck by the nasty attitude of the workers and the pp behind the counter ( what rock or stone did these pp come from under) for god sake airport authority these are the pp who gives the first inpression about our beloved jordan ( they are very very rude, without any civilized manners and an attitude that makes you feel shame that you belong to these kind of trashy pp ) the restrooms are stuck in the 60's , the dirty and dusty windows, and whats up with the lighting ??? why is it so dingy and dark and please dont let me talk about the air conditioning system or was there one ??? shame on you all ? for god sake why dont you guy make us feel proud of our jordan ??!! that was just a few things from so many that i will probably can take all day to talk about ( SHAME ON YOU AIRPORT AUTHORITY ) and that was just coming in to the country after staying there for a couple of weeks we had to leave .. oh my god not again>> the idot behind the counter at ( RJ) took our hand hags( carry on) and flatly told me that the rules here in jordan are diffrent than the whole world and these carry ons must go with the regular baggage under the plane..which made my wife cry because we had all the brakables and gifts in them ,,shame on you ( RJ ) for having such idiots behind your counter at an international airport ???? DO WE NOT deserve to live and be treated like hummans, civilized hummans >??what century is it now in jordan ???and one more thing why do we have to feel that we are guilty and scared all the time when we are there ...i wish i can tell you about our visit to petra and the unbelievable stuff we encountered... ?? SHAME ON US .
[info]sam (USA) - March 8, 2010
It's a basic airport, nothing special about it.

They should have designated areas for smoking and non smoking.

Some employees are rude, but others are friendly. No rule of thumb as to what kind of experience you would have at any given moment. Remember, Jordan is not exactly a well managed country, so please have in mind to expect anything.

Though the people of Jordan are on the most part friendly and nice, they can end up being difficult and aggressive.

Anything is possible in Jordan. You enter at your own risk and you leave at your own risk.
[3 stars]Kerry Anne Graham (England) - March 6, 2010
I have been to Queen Alia airport a few times i did like it even though it is just a basic airport nothing special about it. The staff are very nice and polite and they do there best in the work that they do. I must say I am a smoker but in this day and age I don't think they should have smoking any were in the airport but they should do the same as Dubai airport or any other airport just have designated areas for smoking wither it be inside or outside the airport, also they should have a couple more coffee shops around to relax in.
[1 stars]king abdulla II (hell) - February 8, 2010
the aiport the people who work there, they are dogs, no respect, 500 years behind the rest of the world. should not be a country, rabish every where smells like hell, never never again to that place . do not go there you will regret it . my advice
nassar (jordan) - February 6, 2010
if any one of all the complainers' can let me know which airport don't have its sheer of problems
even in the us and all other
over all jordan is one of the best
[info]Aiman Ahmed (Jordan) - January 26, 2010
I love Jordan because it's my country and I live here.It's beautiful and I love it here with my friends & family.
qarfan elmattar (why you need this) - January 6, 2010
Wifi: Free wireless internet access is available
[question]TECNALIA (Spain) - November 29, 2009
Could anyone please tell me if there is public transport at night?
We arrive at 1.45am and would like to go to Amman city center.
Thank you so much for your help!!
[1 stars]ignatius (switzerland) - November 29, 2009
i was racially profiled in this airport coz i was black of african origin i had to wait for 20 min for a minor inquiry.
when i complained the officer answerd me WHEREVER YOU SAY SIR . i had anice stay in jordan only to be spoilt by this guy. if there is ever a next time i will choose to fly thro aqaba
[question]airport miscommunication (Belgium) - November 15, 2009
Is it possible to inform the staff of the shops selling liquor or liquids to always put the 'liquids' in a safety bag? I took a flight from Amman, bought some 'liquid gifts' in airport and had to change in transit in istanbul, Turkey, where they took all liquor and liquids bought in the airport of Jordan (even if i hadn't been out of the airport) because it was not in a safety bag. Thank you!
lucia p cerojo (phil) - July 28, 2009
asalam alaykum,
ALL DESTINATIONS written in all counters but after an hour on line when i reached the counter the counter man didnt accept to check me in for flt to kuwait therefore ALL DESTINATIONS meaning what?i hate coz i again make line for another hour
[4 stars]sara (erbil) - June 5, 2009
the staff in Queen alia in iraq was no thing and make for you problem to give them mony
[info]a confused passenger (travelling from jordan to kuwait) - May 17, 2009
asalam alaykum to all i am decent respectable woman who want to tell u me worst experience of checking jordan airport. all the counters r writeen ALL DESTINATIONS its a long line takes an hour to reach the counter when i reached the counter a man told me not and again a started a line after an hour at last i checked in but so sad coz 2 hours only to check in?while my daughter waiting outside?she could not just leave me alone in the airport?of course she must have to make sure that her mom got checked in b4 she leave. could u please mark specific destination in ur counters not just ALL DESTINATIONS and not accept a passenger coz she line in the wrong line. PLEASE????????????
[info]a confused passenger (travelling from jordan to kuwait) - May 17, 2009
asalam alaykum to all i am decent respectable woman who want to tell u me worst experience of checking jordan airport. all the counters r writeen ALL DESTINATIONS its a long line takes an hour to reach the counter when i reached the counter a man told me not and again a started a line after an hour at last i checked in but so sad coz 2 hours only to check in?while my daughter waiting outside?she could not just leave me alone in the airport?of course she must have to make sure that her mom got checked in b4 she leave. could u please mark specific destination in ur counters not just ALL DESTINATIONS and not accept a passenger coz she line in the wrong line. PLEASE????????????
[question]Fritz (Austria) - May 4, 2009
Dear all, I wanted to know whether there are any precacutious activities taken at the airport for Swines Flu. On other airport for example you will be screened and checked/examined. Is this also the case at the airports in Jordan?
Thank you!
[info]abuhdeeb (Jordan.) - March 18, 2009
For any one want assistant at Jordan or want to get information, I will help him /her. And Jordan is welcoming anyone, and Jordan is the second home for every traveler. Welcome at Jordan. Call 00962 796663391
[1 stars]ابو يزن - February 20, 2009
واالله عيب با ادارة المطار, كل شيء قابل للبيع حتى الضمائر
[1 stars]jordanin (jordan amman) - February 14, 2009
if you tray to call the iar port good luck .you will not get an answer ..,dont even tray!!!!! they answering thir personal phones only! and if u dont smok dont go ther becuse they smok in the iarport
[1 stars]shon - February 14, 2009
every body in the word this is a very bad iarport
[1 stars]jho smeth penzey (usa) - February 14, 2009
the workers and the police and the staff dosnot have any respact for the passingers if you give them mony thy will do any thing for you .other than that they will never help you and if you tray to call to complean or to ask for info you willnot get an answer and if they answer the phone thy will tell you i dont knwo call tommoro and most of them smok in side the iarport becuse ther manegars to busy on ther personal cell phons ...i travel thro this airport tomany times and iwll never go bak ther unless im ritch man so ican show them cash mony and get rispect and i think they need to go back to scholl so they can lern to speak english and custamer service
[1 stars]Adil Abukhlif (Saudi) - November 24, 2008
Rent a car in the airport could be disastrous especially from Euro rent a car and AVIS rent a car. I don’t see why the employees at these two rents a car are very un educated and lack the proficiency of dealing with people. The airport is the face of Jordan. As a Jordanian who loves and care about his country, I wish to see some changes in the quality of service of Rent Car and keep in mind this doesn’t reflect the rent a car company itself. It is the face of Jordan and this will be the first experience you encounter when you first visit Jordan. Please Please do something about it !!!!!!!!!
[info]mohammed (italia) - November 12, 2008
[4 stars]isaac loy (USA) - October 31, 2008
i traveled from the u.s to Amman ,Jordan via hethro airport when i arrived to queen alia international airport i was so amazed of the respect and the hospitality that i received my wife and i with my 2 children from the immigration at the airport and the custume personell that is something that i never experienced in any u.s airport or european airport my salute and appreciation to all the employees of queen alia international airport and i would also like to mention how humble they are and the sense of security and safety that you feel thank you thank you.
Jordanian (Australia) - October 10, 2008
I got this information off a website for Queen Alia International Airport...
Buses and taxis serve the airport 24/7. Buses operate every half hour. Transportation: Airport Taxi and Express busses are available 24/7, in addition to Rent-a-Car offices.

This is off another website:

Airport Express Coaches:
This service operates on passenger's transport between Abdali, (Mid town) and airport. Coaches depart are timed every: 30 minutes from 7:00 Am. Until 10:00 Pm. 60 Minute from 10:00 Pm. until 7:00 Am. Ticket cost as follows: Passenger : JD.1.500 Luggage : JD. 0.250/piece. Official Tickets must be purchased before departure.

This might be of help also:

Airport Taxi:
Comprises (158) luxury cars operates 24 hours for passenger's comfortable transport inand out ofJordan.Pricesare fixed, shown near passenger's buildings, on the tickets sold to passengers and set by the Jordan Transport Organization Council.
For booking please call: Tel. 962 6 (4451302)
[question]silvia - October 5, 2008
Can anybody tell me how I can get from the airport to the israeli/palestinian border by public transport the fastest. Do I have to go to the city bus stand and take anther bus from there or are there any direct buses? My flight's arriving in Amman on a Thursday, 8.25pm. Thanks.
Jordanian (Australia) - September 26, 2008
I got this review of Queen Alia International Airport off the internet, i think it might help you..
Passport and Visa

There are about six passport control booths; the time I arrived most were staffed, despite it being about 3.30 in the morning.
Most nationalities need a visa to enter Amman, but in most cases this can be got on arrival - you just buy it from the guy checking your passport. It is small stamp, like a postage stamp, that they stick into your passport and stamp with a rubber stamp.

The visa is not expensive but the only catch is, you have to pay in Dinar, which is fine if you happen to have some left over from a previous trip; if not, you just go to the cashier in the middle of the immigration hall and change money.
If it is open. My flight arrived at about 3.30 in the morning - about seven hours after it was supposed to, thank you Royal Jordanian Airlines. And the exchange counters were empty, there was nobody there to change money with.

I asked someone where I could change money; he told me, at the exchange. I pointed out that they were closed, he pointed out that it was late at night and wandered off.
Finally someone told me to go to departures, so I ran through a "Staff Only No Entry" doorway to departures, found an open bank, changed the money and came back through the same "No entry" door; the security guard barely looked up from his newspaper.

Back to the passport booth. There were two people at each booth; one taking payment and sticking the visa into the passport, another to check that there was a visa and stamp it. I have just thought of a way to reduce their wages bill, but it might be a bit radical....
Jordanian (Australia) - September 26, 2008
Here is another telephone number:

Queen Alia International Airport
Phone: +962 (0)6 445 3013.
Jordanian (Australia) - September 26, 2008
I hope this page will help you.. if not it states to call this number down the bottom of the page, maybe you could call and ask what their open times are?
+962 6 (4452681)

This is the website:
[question]Martina - September 19, 2008
I'm travelling to Jordan and I need to get an "on arival" visa. Can you please let me know if the counter for the visa is open 24 hours a day? Thank you.
[1 stars]Ronald Jones - August 25, 2008
Avoid this airport. It needs to be replaced with a modern facility. My co-workers say the Queen Alia hotel which passengers are sometimes put at for free between connections is sub-standard with short beds. Use Dubai or Kuwait if traveling thru the Middle East.
[question]thaer atef ahmad - March 9, 2008
if i want to send my 2 children aged 11 and 6 to the UK from jordan ,amman
how much is the ticket and do they need an adult travilimg with them
[1 stars]camlaw (Vancouver, Canada) - February 23, 2008
it is true about the smoking. it is also true about the corruption. these are unfortuneate and i don't see it changing any time soon.
what really upsets me is the lack of free WiFi in the airport. There is only free WiFi for those travelling in Crown Class. They have yet to update this info. A travesty in this day and age of information and technology.
[2 stars]JA Wilsomn - February 10, 2008
When visiting Jordan, like most posters her, I was offended by the smoking. But the real offense came when my wife moved back to Jordan and took her equipment with her which she purchased in the U.S. 4 years ago for $2,000. They held her equipment for 2 weeks and then she had to pay $750 to get it out of customs. Ridiculous. Be wary if you take things to Jordan these people are extortionists for the American dollar. THey think all Americans are wealthy. Bribery is a common practive in Jordan. I did not know how corrupt their government workers are in the airport.
Peter Rea (England) - January 23, 2008
I can only echo wholeheartedly the comments posted elsewhere. The fact that so called "Security" staff openly smoke cigarettes blatently right under the No Smoking signs is a disgrace. I tackled several of them about it and would have taken it up with the Airport Manager if I could have found him. My wife, 20 month old son and me had to endure 6 and a half hours of badly polluted air there. The ironic thing is that there are two clear boxes labelled that they are collecting donations on behalf of a cancer fund sponsored by King Hussein!
Hell will freeze over before I go there again. Non smokers, vote with your feet and avoid the place like the plague.
[info]T.Howard (france) - January 20, 2008
During my Xmas vacation I did spend a wonderful week visiting the Sites by car with my family of four. Wonderful people. polite and helpful. When we came back to the airport to fly back to Dubai what a climax to see the way the whole staff of the airport have not respect for the no smoking policy, security staff, food court staff, airport staff smoking under the sign < no smoking>If you consider yourself an international airport then may you have the courage to tell your working staff to respect your policy. i must say I came back smelling like dead fish and I will do anything in my power to tell the true story of this airport to friends asking about visiting jordan. May you be ashame of destroying all the good work of your citizen that work hard on touristic site to make you feel welcome.

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