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Gonzalo Airport — Turbo, Colombia

Other nearby airports

Apartado Airport, Apartado (APO), 26km (17mi)
Unguia Airport, Unguia (UNC), 37km (23mi)
Mulatos Airport, Mulatos (ULS), 64km (40mi)
Yaviza Airport, Yaviza, Panama (PYV), 120km (75mi)
S. Jeronimo Airport, Monteria (MTR), 121km (76mi)

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Colombia travel facts

Basic stats

Population45 million
Diplomacy111 Colombian embassies and consulates


CurrencyColombian peso (COP$ / COP)
Euro exchange rate€1 = COP$2,779.3
COP$1000 = €0.36
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = COP$1,933.5
COP$1000 = US$0.52


Country code+57
International dialing prefix009


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