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Tan Son Nhat International Airport — Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

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Passenger feedback

[question]Robben (U.S) - January 9, 2024
Hi Airport Authority,

A driver at airport parking who prentened to be a Grab driver approached me and took me inside his car who later asking me to pay small airport car fees. When I looked for small changes, he grapped my money from waller and stole 400,000 VND on Jan 2, 2024. I would like to report his license plate numer of 50H255.38, Gold coloured Chevrolet with photo of his car. It was not a good impression at the first time to Vietnam. Please let me know where to send the attachment. Thanks.

[1 stars]C M - August 30, 2023
I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and frustration with the level of service my wife and I experienced at Tan Son Nhat International Airport on the 29th of August 2023. The series of events that unfolded during our interaction with your staff were not only shocking but also deeply distressing, leaving us feeling mistreated, disrespected, and financially burdened.

From the outset of our encounter with your airport staff, it became abundantly clear that their language skills and customer service were far below acceptable standards. We were met with an astonishing lack of comprehension of basic English, which only worsened as we attempted to communicate our urgent situation. Despite our efforts to explain the specifics of our predicament, including providing ample documentation, the staff's inability to understand our requests and offer any meaningful assistance was highly frustrating.

A particular incident that stands out involved a man in a white shirt, presumably a manager, who exhibited blatant rudeness and unprofessional behavior. This individual not only ignored our concerns but actively shooed us away from the counter, showing a complete disregard for our plight. It was evident that he was not interested in listening to our explanations or helping to resolve the situation.

The most distressing outcome of this entire ordeal was the denial of boarding for my pregnant wife due to the fact that her connecting flight was not within the same booking or with the same airline. Despite providing concrete evidence of an incredibly short transit time and the necessary connecting flight details, your staff refused to acknowledge these facts. This lack of understanding led to us missing our flights, causing not only emotional distress but also a significant financial loss of $1,400 in airfare.

The situation worsened when we were advised to apply for a transit visa as a supposed solution to our problem. We complied, only to find out that the minimum processing time for such a visa was 24 hours, rendering it entirely useless in our time-sensitive scenario. The staff's response to our predicament was to suggest rebooking the second leg of our journey with specific airlines. However, this advice proved misleading, as we later discovered suitable flight connections that were deliberately ignored by your staff.

Our time at the airport extended into the late hours of the night, from 5 PM to past midnight, as we struggled to find a solution that your staff was unwilling to provide. Ultimately, we were forced to book alternative flights with a different airline, incurring an exorbitant cost nearly double our original booking. This unnecessary financial strain could have been avoided if your staff had displayed even a basic level of professionalism and understanding.

We were appalled not only by the incompetence and disregard exhibited by your staff but also by the lack of empathy shown toward my pregnant wife's situation. The insensitivity displayed throughout this experience was both disheartening and unacceptable.

Additionally, the problems extended beyond the staff's behavior. The airport's Wi-Fi was unreliable and provided no support during our time of need. Only through the generosity of a concerned Australian couple, who allowed us to use their mobile hotspot, were we able to uncover the extent of the mishandling and mistreatment we were enduring.

We are deeply disappointed by our experience at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and feel compelled to share our ordeal with others. The treatment we received is not only a reflection of your staff's unprofessionalism but also of a systemic issue that seems to be widely known among travelers. A simple internet search reveals numerous accounts of similar experiences, leaving us to conclude that this is a recurring problem.

We insist on a thorough investigation into this matter and appropriate actions taken against the staff responsible for their behavior. Our original flight details, SGN to MEL aboard JQ64 with an original departure time of 22:35, were significantly delayed by 2 hours, further exacerbating our situation. Our subsequent connecting flight, MEL to AKL aboard NZ124, was missed due to your staff's mishandling.

We anticipate a prompt response addressing our concerns and detailing the steps you intend to take to rectify this situation and prevent similar occurrences in the future. Your attention to this matter is of the utmost importance, as it directly affects the reputation of your airport and the well-being of its patrons.
[info]Sharon L. Brana (Philippines) - March 17, 2023
I was at the Tan Son Nhat Airport last night for my flight from Saigon to Manila.
I was wheeled chair because of my health condition. We used the priority lane at at around 10:00 to 10:30. When we reached the xray on the custom, something unacceptable had happened. I placed my bag with my money worth 1,400 Usd in the xray machine. I checked beforehand it goes to the machine. That money is for my food and medicines in Manila. When I was wheeled by the staff to the pre departure area. I looked for my vietcombank envelope and it wasn't in may bag anymore. My husband and I rushed back to the xray area and complaint but no one of course will help us. We suggest a cctv camera but they said no. It was so unacceptable because I respect Vietnam and Vietnamese overall. I am so hopeless and I need someone to pay attention for this incident. It is a shame that they will steal the money of passengers. I thought they xray prohibited items but I was wrong. They xray what they can steal. When I came back after 10 minutes all staff fromnthe xray counter that I've been were all gone. Now, I am helpless and thinking about my hard earned money. May husband saw someone opening a bag but they distracted him and he didn't know it was my bag. I want everyone to be aware of this. No stealing please.
[1 stars]Tim Chen (Greater London) - December 31, 2022
One woman from Hong Kong who is originally from Vietnam arrived at the airport and left her luggage without asking and no one did anything to the luggage. And she sat down at another corner and in the middle of the night, I was awakened up by security services that this woman was my girlfriend and need to pay for her journey she was with them and I told her to go away and where she took the luggage. After that, I was going to the toilet again this time English speaking flight attendant show a passport and asked if this woman was my girlfriend I told her she only sat 5 minutes in the chair on the opposite side and told them that it is not. Providing that I was sleeping and there for a delay due to a website update of airlines. This is inacceptable and very rude and it looks like the woman was there for an organised reason to start a conflict there.
[1 stars]Henry Vo (Sacramento, California (USA)) - February 27, 2020
We were visiting family during the recent Lunar New Year 2020 and lost k70 lbs package, which was the most valuable gifts and needed traveling goods for our kid at SGN airport (valuable up $2,500 USD and had receipts to prove) We claimed it right away, and been told keep calling back to check. We called over 10 times during first few days, but there was no sign at all! The SGN Baggage Claim reported to Eva Airline that they handed everything to us (No any lost)! We found this out when we changed tickets and flew back to US earlier than planed and reported 1 lost package to Eva! At SFO the Baggage Claim showed us SGN told them all luggages handed ok! what’s a blatant liar ! this is a serious scam to stealing customer valuable goods! We filed claims with both sides, but no any satisfaction solutions! Eva told us if we need to sue them, go ahead! We gave them 60 days as law allowed, then continuing file mire complaints to upper authorities included DOT of US and Vietnamese Airport Consumer Reports!
[1 stars]Tuan (USA) - December 9, 2018
Incredibly corrupt. Brother got stopped during customs for our departing flight where an official harassed him for cash. All relatives have stories about slipping bribes to officials to avoid this type of harassment.

If you're a tourist, there are better countries to visit than to deal with the stress here.
[question]Dan (NZ) - July 10, 2018
Checked bag into Ho Chi MInh International Airport going to Bangkok, arrived Bangkok to the lock broken off the front pocket of my bag and the items gone, was sent to three different locations at Suvarnabhumi finally able to file a Police report in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Can’t find a place to file a complaint to Ho Chi Minh Airport on line. Anyone know? It was different currencies and a bank card taken and was my complacency but still theft.
[info]JOHN BEVERLEY (UK) - April 6, 2018
We headed to the taxi rank to get a taxi to go down town

Twice diffent taxi personnel quoted me rates of USD 50 and VND 900,000

The people concerned should have helped me to obtained a metered taxi for a fare price of 170,000 to 200,00 VND

However all they were interested in was making moey and ripping tourisdt off


We knew the correct price so did not get conned, again we had to be forceful to obtain the metered taxi


[question]Michael Tay (Singapore) - September 28, 2017
Immigation Officers in Tan Son Nhat Airport not only corrupt, they are also like robbers. They knows buying air ticket travelling to Vietnam through mobile phone don't have ticket to show, they purposely demand to see return ticket. My friend, LB TAN travelled to HCMC this evening was asked to produce return ticket. My friend showed the officer the itinerary on his phone, the officer refused to accept and harassed him for payment of $50 otherwise refused his entry. This is truly daylight robbery. Buying air ticket through mobile phone will only have itinerary to show. The itinerary clearly shows the return date. This corrupted officer refused to accept it and demand payment. If travellers intend to travel from Singapore to HCMC and thereafter book a ticket in HCMC to travel to other countries. How to show return ticket to Singapore? I believe many of the corrupt Immigation officers in TSN Airport have been cheating travellers to show return ticket. I hope the Vietnam anti corruption department please investigate into their corruption act. I will post this corrupt story in facebook.
[question]Michael Tay (Singapore) - September 28, 2017
Immigation Officers in Tan Son Nhat Airport not only corrupt, they are also like robbers. They knows buying air ticket travelling to Vietnam through mobile phone don't have ticket to show, they purposely demand to see return ticket. My friend, LB TAN travelled to HCMC this evening was asked to produce return ticket. My friend showed the officer the itinerary on his phone, the officer refused to accept and harassed him for payment of $50 otherwise refused his entry. This is truly daylight robbery. Buying air ticket through mobile phone will only have itinerary to show. The itinerary clearly shows the return date. This corrupted officer refused to accept it and demand payment. If travellers intend to travel from Singapore to HCMC and thereafter book a ticket in HCMC to travel to other countries. How to show return ticket to Singapore? I believe many of the corrupt Immigation officers in TSN Airport have been cheating travellers to show return ticket. I hope the Vietnam anti corruption department please investigate into their corruption act. I will post this corrupt story in facebook.
[1 stars]Michael CK Kiang (Malaysia) - September 6, 2017
On 2nd September 2017, Air Asia Flight no AK 529 boarding gate was changed but because the information was not broadcast out as the system was off line at that moment. We nearly missed our flight as the P.A. system keep announcing flight AK 529 boarding now at gate 16 in the meanwhile there is no staff or signage at gate 16 to informs us that boarding gate was changed to gate no 19.
Lynn phan (Korea) - November 8, 2014
I feel ashamed whenever I arrive in Tan Son Nhat airport for the following reasons:
1. They don't welcome us if we don't give them money.
2.The officials working in the immigrant office cannot speak English.
3.There is no such rude attitude of the men sitting in the immigrant counters I have ever seen in my life.
They should be more educated before being seated there.
[info]Emily Tran (Houston, TX) - November 6, 2014
My dad just arrived Tan Son Nhat airport last night and half of his valuable gifts to relatives and friends were stolen when checking out his languages at custom. Moreover, at the time went through out the gate by some guys at custom station, he was asking for money. Otherwise, they will keep him long with non-sense matters. Poor my dad, he is 75 years old and travelled along. I am a neutral person. I don't fight against neither tag along but this matter made me have a different looks. What a corruption country with no care government.
[info]Erza Scarlet (Austalia) - September 25, 2014
Honestly is there were no star rating I would give ot a zero. The people there are so greedy asking for money. My Aunt recently went to Vietnam and this random worker comes and says that she has too much perfume bottles and says she has to pay him money, of course she did payed him $50, amd he lets her go. Another guy comes and she says that guy lets her pass and she gave him $25 and he says that is not enoigh and if I meet those crappy workers one more time I swear I will kick their ass and tell their supervisor
Tony (Australia) - September 12, 2014
Hate the baggage handlers at the airport. Always asking for money. Rather give it so poor guy on the streets. I think everyone should video cam the corruption and then ask to speak with their superiord. They should sake all of those corrupt officers because it's giving vietnam such a bad name. I will certainly tell my friends bit to travel there.
Unlucky Business Person - March 8, 2014
Me and my family just went back to our country using this particular Tan Son Nhat Airport. Unlucky for me, just at the passport counter, the officer dare to ask some money (although there are so many people around) using my own country currency. So i just did. give the officer the money. what choice do i have?. Probably most corrupted airport officer i have encounter. I will never do to this country. Never again.Period
[1 stars]Catherina Michalak (USA) - March 3, 2014
My family just traveled back to VietNam in February and just got back. The whole family did encounter the same issue that Tuan described. My sister's boyfriend got held up in their special room for two hours after everyone left, 3am in the morning we finally saw him. All of us are US citizens, and he is Korean-American. Cost us at least $120 for coming in and leaving to get our luggage. P.S we are Vietnamese-American. I will guarantee you that you will see this when you travel with me.
[question]Michael Tay (Singapore) - February 25, 2014
I have read many complaints of corruption by custom officers at Tan Son Naht Airport. Why is it the Vietnam government take no action and allow such corruption act to continue?
[1 stars]Tina - January 25, 2014
It's sad to say that I am finally filing a complaint about my own country airport. Number 1) the cops in vietnam is the most corrupted issue in vietnam. There fore the service in this airport is nothing better 2) the only reason why passport control is quick now is because their staff is finally not allowed to ask for money anymore. Back in the days let's say 5 years ago, if you didn't put $5-10 in your passport they would send you the bac of the line and give you a very hard time getting through. But these workers are still very very rude even to Caucasian people, please teach these guys some English. Poor manners,very rude. 3) the wait for our luggages did not take long at all. But the workers that helps you with your bags expect them to ask for money.... I know hey very low and desperate of them. I guess they keep more control of their idiots at the passport control area. 4) my worst experience ever was at the security check out. I was traveling with my mom, we both carried gold but under 300g (your not allowed to exceed over 300g of gold) but already the security guy was trying to give me a hard time. The only way to deal with these jerks is to make a scene and don't be nice to them. You have to raise your voice at them and show them your not stupid. He obviously wanted money from us! I yelled at him and commanded to talk to the supervisor and see some paper work, I had to talk to him for 2 mins then a group of Caucasian people were walking by and looking at what was going on..then he told my mother and I to leave and didn't take her money (she wanted to give him money so we can just leave quickly, but I insisted)..... Unbelievable these people has lowest point of thinking. To the airport, I highly recommend you to fix your staffs attitude and service this is unexpectable
[1 stars]Viet Kieu (America) - January 18, 2014
Tan son nhat airport is nothing but corruption . Basically you have to pay to claim your luggages before you can leave or they will make up any bs reason to bribe you. What a shame for this country. But I noticed if you are Caucasian, they will treat you with superior services. Viet Kieu should be treated this way for the financial we bring in the country. The official and staff don't have customer service skills and are very greedy.
[1 stars]leesa (google) - October 24, 2013
I recently traveled to Vietnam with my family. It had been a while since I had traveled back so I was hoping that the corruption had stopped or at least in activity. To my disappointment, the scumbags that call themselves customs officials are more blunt than ever when asking for bribes. This happens at every checkimg point from the time you check in with customs to the time you bring your luggage to be scanned before leaving the airport. How embaressing Vietnam...
[question]Melvin Tan (Singapore) - September 20, 2013
The luggage checking room in Tan Son Naht Airport is the most corrupted place. The custom officers (men & ladies) will check your luggage and find fault to make you pay money to them. They threatened not to release your luggage if you refuse to pay them. This is daylight robbery.
[3 stars]Greg & Jennifer (Melbourne) - August 13, 2013
Upon arrival at HCMC airport from Australia, visa took 1.5 hours. Lucky staff pushed us through to connect to our Da Nang flight! Toilets were clean and staff were helpful.
Needs Wi Fi which even Da Nang has!!
[1 stars]Huyen Ngo (The Netherlands) - June 14, 2013
I really feel ashamed to be Vietnamese at this point because it is completely not tolerable that personnel have such an attitude! You cannot allow BRIBERY at the airport! I had never experienced it myself as my dad is a tall white man, but we saw it with our own eyes. This year I was really frustrated as I had to wait till they gave me a thumb up if my luggage was ready to go to the airplane. The officers took out some things from passengers because their luggage was "too heavy". And of course they took the most expensive thing in their luggage! WHAT ON EARTH?! They never smile, no, they are always kranky, pff, like you can intimidate me! I still feel damn irritated and ASHAMED to even be half VIETNAMESE at this very point! You don't treat people like this!
[1 stars]Stephen Ng (U.S.A) - December 3, 2012
The airport custom people are still a bunch of SCUM BAGs asking for bribery money for NOTHING! Keep doing this and your tourism in Vietnam will go down the hole!!! Bunch of GREEDY BASTARDS!
[1 stars]n.tran (US) - November 14, 2012
When I arrived mid-night at the airport, I was asked by immigrant officer for the money; he said it was midnight and he worked so hard therefore I must give him some money. I tried not to give to him but he was so rude and finally, I gave him $20 so I could go and get my luggage. Corruption and corruption. I was asked again when I was on the way out to US. But this time I told him I did not have any money; he was not happy and let me go. The government said they appreciated Vietkieu, the oversea Vietnamese because they bring $$ back to VN and every one must treat Vietkieu nice with respect. Heck all talk
[2 stars]Mark Pugner (California) - December 28, 2009
Just remember that this is a Stalin -style country with few amenities for bourgeois travellers. The older airport did not even have any signage so to find your flight check-in you had to go from counter-to-counter. Luckily if you are a tall white male they don't treat you with the same disrespect the locals get and you can manage to navigate the crowds better.
[question]Yvonne Young - December 27, 2009
I wonder if there could be a pharmacy? In case, there are some emergency needs to get medicine for headaches or sanitary napkins for ladies.
[4 stars]Yvonne Young - December 27, 2009
I had a bottle of red wine and could not check in. I didn't know and the immigration officer was so nice and asked me to go out again and check it in. They kept my passport and I was able to check in the bottle of wine. I really appreciate the help from the officers because the wine was from a close friend and I appreciate it a lot. I thank the immigration officers for their kind assistance and wit.
[info]David from Australia (Australia) - December 9, 2009
i recently send a laptop computer do my friend and put in bottom of bag hidden 400.000VND. but customs found it and stole it hahaha that didnt surprise me there seems no honesty or goodness and so much officail crime dishonesty and corruption in vietnam. its the government and officials who should be ashamed
James Viet (Immigration Office, HCM City) - November 22, 2008
Anthony Nguyen je Kokot.
Ty jsi VitKiu. Mas a lof of money.
Musis vykompensovat, ne ???
[2 stars]Anthony Nguyen (Canada) - August 29, 2008
The new airport terminal is far better then the old terminal , although ! I wish the " immigration officer " department make some drastic changes in attitude toward Vietnamese coming from overseas . CORRUPTION ! CORRUPTION ! CORRUPTION !!!!!!
[question]Volker (Germany) - March 5, 2008
We'd like to know whether there is a safe luggage storage at the airport.

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