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Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Shanghai, China

Facilities and amenities

  • Rail station inside airport
  • ATMs accepting international cards


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Passenger feedback

[2 stars]William Kelly (USA) - August 9, 2019
I was really upset as I used the money changer and was given 78 yuan for my $20 US dollars. I got to talking to the stores afterwards and found out the rate was 6.8. That means I should have gotten over 130 yuan. I tried to cancel my transaction; but they refused! Do not use the money changer and make the mistake that I did! Pay with your card and get the full rate. The money changer is not legit! Very maddening for me.
RAMESH KUMAR ARORA (INDIA) - September 19, 2017
I wanted to file a complaint to Shanghai Pudong Internationl Airport Shanghai against China Eastern Airline for the grave mismanagement and refusing boarding pass on 8th September after me and my wife reachied Pearson Airport Toronto in time to catch the Flight MU 208 for Shanghai, from where connected Flight MU563 was to taken at 9.00 PM on 9th Sept for New Delhi. We were denied boarding pass by the staff of C.E by making a misleading statement that there was Fear of SUNAMI in China and flight for Delhi will not go. They made us no prior intimation by phone or Email but stated that they had just got information. We argued with them but they remained adament. We requested them to allow us to Shanghai, where we can wait in case of any emergency but they refused us by stating that China does not allow transit visa for more than 24 hours. The flight left for Shanghai in time and also reached Shanghai and Flight for New Delhi also left just one hour late. That we requested the CE staff to give us refund or give us tickets for after 3 days or any undertaking that we will be allowed to travel after the position become normal in China but nothing provided. Later in the evening they told us that position was normal and they may travel on 9th Sept 2017 as further dates were not available.

They have wrong misguided us that in case of emergency China grant 3 days transit visa if tickets had already been purchased and we were qualifying this criteria and again there was no fear or news of Sunami. PLEASE ENTERTAIN MY COMPLAINT AND PROVIDE ME eMAIL ADDRESS of a competent officer at Pudong international Airport with relevant documents Viz. Tickets for 8th Sept; Boarding Pass for 9th Sept, 2017 etc. in support of my complaint. I also wish to file a detailed Complaint after Email is received.Further, I am also sorry to mention that their arrangement at Shanghi Airport and inflight hospitality was very poor and below average. Staff was rude and not even able to understand communication in English but repeatedly stating no to any query. Due to their mismanagement, I also lost my Cell phone, where I have filed a separate complaint today.
[question]Phil (Canada) - September 29, 2014
Are airline companies required to use the jet bridge of the airport or can they opt to use boarding stairs to save on the cost?
[1 stars]Markus (Norway) - July 3, 2014

Even if you are changing from one non-China flight to another, you will have to wait in a long passport control line, collect your bags, go out to the departures area, check in for your next flight, and go through passport control AGAIN. It takes forever and is completely pointless.
[1 stars]Ted Slugocki (Canada) - February 20, 2013
On the way back from Singapore to Vancouver me and my wife had a layover in Shanghai at which time we had to pick-up our luggage and find a hotel for the night.
From previous searches I knew that the hotel at the airport cost roughly $50 US. As we were searching for that hotel a person behind the counter at Shanghai Airport representing many hotels in Shanghai mention that the hotel at the airport will cost us $150 and he had something within our price range just outside of the airport with a free shuttle bus. And we would be better off paying him cash because there is penalty for paying through a credit card. $60 US was paid in cash with no receipt being given to us.
Once home we have learned that the hotel we stayed was going for $20 US.
My complain is with the Shanghai Airport Authority of keeping employee on the payroll that is deliberately misleading and taking advantage of the helpless travellers.
[question]Galina K. (Lithuania) - February 28, 2008

Could you help me, how to get from Shanghai to either Huangyan or Taizhou? Where could I look up such information?

Thank you.

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China travel facts

Basic stats

Population1322 million
English proficiency
Diplomacy229 Chinese embassies and consulates


CurrencyYuan Renminbi (¥ / CNY)
Euro exchange rate€1 = ¥9.80
¥1 = €0.10
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = ¥6.82
¥1 = US$0.15


Country code+86
International dialing prefix00
GSM standard900


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