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O'Hare International Airport
Chicago, IL, USA

O'Hare International Airport

Telephone: +1.800.832.6352

Facilities and amenities

  • Local or public bus to town
  • Express or private bus to town
  • Rail station on airport grounds
  • Paid wireless internet access
  • ATMs accepting international cards


Aer LingusAir CanadaAir France
American AirlinesAsiana AirlinesBMI
British AirwaysDelta Air LinesEl Al
Eva AirIberiaJapan Air Lines
jetBlueKLMLOT Polish Airlines
LufthansaNorthwest AirlinesScandinavian Airlines
Spirit AirlinesTurkish AirlinesUnited
US Airways

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Public transport

O'Hare airport is at the far end of the Chicago Transit System's Blue Line. You can ride the train from the airport to the city centre without changing trains.

Internet access

Paid wifi coverage is available through Boingo, which also has roaming arrangements with many other ISPs.

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Passenger feedback

[3 stars]Mom PL - October 24, 2019
O'Hare is bragging to be the No. 1 in the world in what category? An accident happened right on 190 Ext. on Oct. 18 at around 9:00 PM where a semi-truck flipped which caused the whole O'Hare area a stand still. There must have been other accidents happened which will supposedly serve them a BIG lesson already, no mentioning a heavy snow pile up during winter which immobilized the road. They should create an underground quick "escape" tunnel north and south to the major highway to bypass the mile long 190 from the terminals to 294. That's a very critical stretch on that area and if accident happens it is a huge mess. Now, going to the terminals is also a big headache since their is a chain reaction because there is no way to escape. The traffic goes around the terminals. The airport authorities should have a contingency plan to immediately deploy golf carts or any light transportation to transport the stranded passengers trying to catch up their flights. The authorities should have noticed already that passengers tend to walk and drag their luggages just to catch up their flights. Elderly and people who have physical difficulties and have heavy luggages cannot make it. Traffic attendants with golf carts would have helped them. This would make Chicago O'Hare International Airport more than No. 1.
[1 stars]Mam PL - October 24, 2019
The the new Transportation Hub on Zemke and Mannheim Rd. where the Car Rentals are located has missed something. They forgot to consider the people who are taking a private transportation for pick-up or drop-off including Rideshares transportation. They let people walk to the small parking lot with out a shade or protection during bad weather. We are not in Florida or California where we can walk freely outdoors. Some people are elderly or towing luggages on a bad weather to that small parking/waiting lot. What's up???? Are these people only minimal and cannot be considered as patrons to the airport? I thought everyone is considered important here. Also, there is not an easy access from and to the Bus/Train Parking on the other side on Bessie Coleman (the old Rental Area) while the ATS is still struggling to start.
[1 stars]Mamo PL - October 24, 2019
No common sense used in designating the Rideshare Zone C and D passenger pick-up from the airport and at the same time drop-off for passenger going to the airport. It's a complete chaos, especially on a busy hours. It's uncomprehensible said a grade school pupil commented this while observing the chaos waiting for their ride.
[1 stars]V,Soni (Conneticut) - July 31, 2018
The staff is incredibly rude. They remind me of people who having no power in their personal lives abuse their power at the airport.
[info]Bee Antz - June 30, 2018
[1 stars]Dave k (Chicago) - January 31, 2013
One of the poorly managed airport in the world!
Height of incompetence of leaders who manage this airport! People from all over the world know it is a hassle with flight delays, lack of gate availability, poor airport facility management, etc. someone needs to light the fire under this organization
I live in Chicago and I am ashamed of the repeated poor performance! Someone please do something!

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