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[info]Stu Greene (Evanston IL) - March 3, 2023
I was an employee at Sky Harbor from '67 to '69. Before I a drivers license, I was driving a 300 gal. fuel truck. (I also learned what a clutch was for).I refueled planes, checked oil, cleaned windshields. As an employee, my discount was 25% off the "wet rate". I rented a 150 for $12/hr.Great way to spend my lunch hour.I would tie down planes after a lesson, among other duties. Burt Greenfield's son in law had the idea for "Lease a Plane". A network of FBO's that would rent planes to those with a card (think Hertz or Avis) plus an FAA certificate, and you could rent a 172 or similar plane according to your rating.
[info]STEPHEN GREENFIELD - December 11, 2022
Sky Harbor opened in the 1920's in the early 1960's the Greenfield family took over ownership of the airport. They were dealers for Cessna, Piper, Mooney, and Aero Commander aircraft lines. They provided a full flight training operation and used Sky Harbor as the hub for an aircraft rental operation (similar to Hertz) with locations in 18 states.
The airport closed due to the city of Northbrook raising property tax's by over 1000% followed by the gas crunch in the early 1970's

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