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Negril Airport — Negril, Jamaica

Negril Airport

This airport (also called "Negril Aerodrome") does not have international flights. Most foreign visitors to Negril land at Montego Bay and then use a taxi or minibus service to reach their hotel.

Public transport

There is no scheduled bus service at this airport.

Taxi service

A taxi ride to Negril will cost about J$750.

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Passenger feedback

[question]Petrone Vito (Turin (Italy)) - October 22, 2013
good day, I'm a Pilot PPL, December the next I'll go in Jamaica (Negril). I'm intereted in renting a airplain GA Cesna 172 or other similar. Is it possible in Negril Aerodrome or in other airport near Negril? thank Vito
Jane M (Canada) - July 24, 2010
hi Goin to Negril for NY need a flight to Bequai.Is there. a charter small Plane
[info]R. Schuler (USA) - April 5, 2010
Have used the Negril airport flights several times. Love it! Beautiful flight. All the ground stuff is done in laid back Jamaican fashion. That changes once you get on board the plane. So no worries! If you are lucky, you get a small plane for the best view. Its worth the price to avoid the bus!
[info]mike (chicago) - January 13, 2010
After getting bored with the bus ride, tried the flight from Montego Bay to Negril and have now done it many times. It is maybe 15 minutes from Montego Bay, which gets you on the beach at least an hour earlier. Great way to see the island, but beware if you have a problem with small planes.
[question]Jackie (montréal Québec Canada) - December 17, 2009
I hearded it's possible to rent a small plane from Montego Bay airport to Negril (hôtel). Is it true? how much is it one way for 2 and how long it take?
what is the name of the private compagny and phone..thanks JD
[info]jessica - July 23, 2009
750 Jamaican dollars is $8.52.
kim - April 20, 2009
how much is J750.00 in US currency
[question]B Randolph (Los Angeles) - November 27, 2008
Where and how do I get a flight into Negril since it does not service International flights?

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Jamaica travel facts

Basic stats

Population2.8 million
Diplomacy24 Jamaica embassies and consulates


CurrencyJamaican dollar ($ / JMD)
Euro exchange rate€1 = $126.42
$1 = €0.01
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = $88.03
$1 = US$0.01


Country code+1.876
International dialing prefix011


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