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Kulusuk Airport
Kulusuk, Greenland

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Passenger feedback

[info]G. Bowman (Northern Ireland, UK) - March 25, 2008
I have landed at Kulusuk airport 5 times and have always found it an exhilarating and life-enrichening experience. On a clear day, when the aircraft passes to the south of the island then lands from west to east, the views are among the most spectacular anywhere in the world. I have also landed 4 times at Kulusuk airport by helicopter. That has always been disappointing because it means I am on my way home, but on a clear day the flight back to Iceland often makes a scenic tour among the mountains of the east coast of Greenland, with occasional low passes over a huge glacier. This has to be seen to be believed!

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Greenland travel facts

Basic stats

CapitalNuuk (Godthab)


CurrencyDanish krone (kr / DKK)
Euro exchange rate€1 = kr7.44
kr1 = €0.13
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = kr5.19
kr1 = US$0.19


Country code+299
International dialing prefix00


Plug type

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