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Kharkov Airport
Kharkov (Kharkiv), Ukraine

Kharkov Airport

Telephone: +380 572 516 408

Kharkov is the Russian pronounciation, Kharkiv is Ukranian. You may see the name written both ways.



Public transport

The airport is served by electric trolley line 5, and minibus lines 115, 119, 152, 297, and 305.

Airport hotel

There is a hotel on the grounds of the airport, at the other end of the parking lot from the terminal entrance (not as far as it sounds; it's a 5-minute walk).

Banking, ATMs, and currency exchange

There is an international ATM in the public area of the terminal building operated by Bazis bank.

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Passenger feedback

[3 stars]s delanet (canada) - October 8, 2017
first time using small but efficent
had bags screened, but these days necessary,customs asked the questions and I guess I had right answers!
no problems at all!
[1 stars]Thomas B (dk) - October 5, 2013
Corrupt! Ashtrays outside, so had a cigarette. Officer took me in and required small 'gift', 10eu to let me go. They seem just to be waiting for people falling for this
James Woods (Lafayette Louisiana (USA)) - September 16, 2013
Lighten up people. All major airports were sheds at one time or another. It cost major bucks to build exquisite airports and I am sure they will eventually get there. Just give them time and have patience.
Alexander (Australia) - October 25, 2010
For Karen: Please sit home in Armenia, You are obviously not very welcomed. Do you get a message? Keep ur money to yourself. The airport is really not up to a demand, but a new one is opened now and is as comfortable as any in the world even if it's ten times smaller than say Singapore one. Have to understand that the initial small one was not ment and designed for many passengers. Teh security probably earns 300dollars a month and are corrupt without a doubt.
[info]Karen (Armenia) - September 26, 2010
Very bad police inside and travel control ! Many travelers,Armenians only,who traveled to Armenia were DISCRIMINATED ! Police force many from Armenians and humiliate them ! Stop Discrimination in Ukraine !!!
[1 stars]George (Belgium) - April 26, 2010
The main hall has no toilet at all. If you need to go, they point you to sporting facilities across the parking lot.(400m) Hanging toilets ? No thank you. I waited until I was in the departure hall. There at least was 1 toilet.
[2 stars]Ser (kharkov) - April 16, 2010
Kharkov Airport site:
[1 stars]JeffB (Los Angeles) - March 4, 2010
I use this airport 6-8 times per year. Kind of a strange place. They x-ray all your bags when you depart and arrive. On my last departure, one of the security people saw a small bag of coins I keep in my carry on bag. He asked for a US quarter (which I gave him). Not sure if that was a bribe or a souvenir.
O. Buvarp (Norway) - January 30, 2010
I have use this airport several time's. I think it's a small and charming airport. And old, with style. No stressing.
[2 stars]Dennis Savel (Canada) - November 24, 2009
It is a very old airport and in bad condition with no major flights only 1 to Vienna. There is only little building supposedly a terminal, even though security and customs are same as other airports. But there is major construction going on, building a new terminal, runway, and flights. It will be like new for the 2012 UEFA cup.
[1 stars]J Foster - November 20, 2009
A passenger terminal with one toilet! You could harldly call this an international airport. When our plane came in to land it had to swerve to avoid a dog that was eating a chicken!
John - March 6, 2009
Be aware, corrupt customs officers!!
[1 stars]J.McGrattan (uk) - February 8, 2009
Very small airport, no announcements in English.
[1 stars]hamid zaman (uk) - April 11, 2008
how can you have an international airport,where arrival passenger sit in a tin shed

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Ukraine travel facts

Basic stats

Population47 million
CapitalKyiv (Kiev)
Diplomacy133 Ukrainian embassies and consulates


CurrencyUkrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Euro exchange rate€1 = UAH11.54
UAH1 = €0.09
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = UAH7.87
UAH1 = US$0.13


Country code+380
International dialing prefix8-10


Plug type

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