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Sais Airport
Fez (Fes), Morocco

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Meknes Airport, Meknes (MEK), 50km (32mi)
Sale Airport, Rabat (RBA), 164km (102mi)
Charif Al Idrissi Airport, Al Hoceima (AHU), 174km (109mi)
Sania Ramel Airport, Tetuan (TTU), 188km (117mi)
Boukhalef Airport, Tangier (TNG), 218km (136mi)

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Passenger feedback

[info]P Stokoe - June 1, 2024
This is a warning to passengers travelling alone through Fez airport. I felt violated while passing through security early this morning. Two members of staff were present (one male, one female) - they were both fairly intimidating and the female one frisked me as soon as I stepped out from the scanner. There was no warning and she went straight for my breasts in a most inappropriate manner. When I asked her what she was doing, she said it was normal but, in all the years I have been travelling, I have never experienced this and feel other women travellers should be warned to wait for other passengers to go through security together. Twice she went directly for my breasts and the look about her was shocking. I am disgusted and hope other passengers are saved the discomfort and violation, and that Fez airport staff are trained better. This is not 'normal' or acceptable.
[info]Shawn Cross (New Zealand) - August 10, 2023
Fes domestic Airport. Very poor. In domestic departure area. No air-conditioning. 38 plus degrees. No airflow. A holding area just waiting for a heat stroke emergency. Where is the management?
[info]Denise Fathi (neeClark) (uk) - April 8, 2013
I have flown to and from Fez many times and always find the staff helpful and friendly. Very clean and effiently run
[4 stars]E Brean (England) - June 20, 2008
Having travelled through FES airport a number of times I am totally satisfied with the experience. It's efficiently run, clean , security is very good and being a relatively small airport it is less intimidating than most others. Well situated for access to Meknes , about 58kms distant. British Airways to Fes WAS the best flying experience. Why they dropped the route is not clear . . Unfortunately ,Ryanair is the only option at present from UK.

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Morocco travel facts

Basic stats

Population34 million
English proficiency
Diplomacy130 Moroccan embassies and consulates


CurrencyMoroccan dirham (Dhs. / MAD)
Euro exchange rate€1 = Dhs.11.22
Dhs.1 = €0.09
US dollar exchange rateUS$1 = Dhs.7.75
Dhs.1 = US$0.13


Country code+212
International dialing prefix00-
GSM standard900


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