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Huatulco Airport (Huatulco, Mexico)

While waiting to board our plane back to Canada on February 17, 2018, I decided to shop. Found a ring for 698 pecos. Gave the seller 2000 pecos for the ring and received my change of 304 pecos. Happy with my purchase, off I went. Then a few minutes later I was found by the alleged seller telling me that I still owed them 500 pecos. On top of that he couldn't speak a word of english but asked me to go with him to the store. Got there, along with four people now who can't speak english but they still managed to say that I owed them 500 more pecos. After a heated argument we wanted our 1000 pecos back and they could have the ring. They wouldn't accept that and told us to go. A few minutes later, again was confronted, in front of a lot of people, saying they wanted more money. I had my receipt and change they gave but they were adamant that I was wrong. HOW TERRIBLY EMBARRASSING TO HAVE THIS INCIDENT HAPPEN IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE, especially when I didn't do anything wrong. BUYERS - BEWARE IF YOU BUY JEWELRY AT THE AIRPORT!! IT SEEMS AS THOUGH THEY ARE TRYING TO SCAM YOU and to top that off, embarrass the heck out of you in front of hundreds of people. If I EVER GO TO THAT AIRPORT AGAIN, I WILL N E V E R buy anything there again so that I can be scammed and embarrassed so badly!

— Denise A. Shyba

Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

I just returned from a week’s vacation on your beautiful island. Although I enjoyed my stay, the experience arriving and departing from your airport was so poor, I will not vacation in Barbados again. There is insufficient staff to process the volume of passengers through immigration on both arrival and departure. The wait times of well over an hour upon arrival, and nearly three hours to get through check in, immigration and security for departure are unreasonable. Combined with a general chaotic environment as passengers are moved ahead of those waiting on line because of flight times, and then having to wait on the tarmac for an hour for other passengers to clear made for a 4 hour plus ordeal to leave the island. Additionally airport security staff were unsympathetic to the fatigue that sets in after waiting in line 3 hours and were unnecessarily disrespectful and rude to passengers. Airport announcements were generally unintelligible and if you asked anyone a question the response was impatience and rudeness. Insult to injury, i was randomly selected for a secondary security screening. I was separated from my travel party at the gate, made to sit for over 30 minutes in a specific spot and generally treated as a criminal for no reason. No instructions were given to me or the 5 others selected during this time. Then the icing on the cake was a search and pat down outside of the terminal building in full view of several boarding flights. Again security personnel were rude. Unfortunately the experience leaving the island overshadows the nice week we had there. We were a group of 4 all of whom will not return. We will warn any friends or family considering a trip that other destinations are equally beautiful and far less stressful to travel to. I overheard many fellow passengers expressing the same sentiments.

— Maureen Myre

Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (Santiago, Chile)

We arrived 16/1/18 from BA flight Our Taxi had not arrived We were scammed by 3 Airport Badge wearing young men who arranged a taxi took my husband to a cash machine and scammed us to the tune of £250paid the taxi 20 000peso and kept the change from 250 000 peso

— helen murdoch

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