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Kingsford Smith International Airport (Sydney, Australia)

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport website does not provide information anywhere about the cost of an airport cart or trolley. Is there a cost for the cart or trolley when Departing or is there a cost when Arriving? Please respond back by email. Thank you Thank you

— Jennifer Muntsinger

Frankfurt International Airport (Frankfurt, Germany)

on the 13th of october 2017 after having landed at Frankfurt international as we got to the escalator going down to the baggage claim we found it cordoned off and two police personals a female and a male standing there ..asking them how or where we were to go to collect our bags ..we were told to go around to the other side ..getting to the other side it was the same ..with another two personals standing there ..once again asked the lady officer and the answer was "it is closed you have to wait" when we i told that the officers on the other side asked me to come this side she just did not reply which i asked the male officer standing next to her what is to do or where to go to collect our bags which he just answers in a louder tone " she told you is closed u have to wait " to which i asked again telling him where or who can i ask.. his answer was a even louder tone "i am the ploice and i say you have to wait " to which i knew i was talking and wasting my time with a frustrated young man who was not of help but just was there to show the power of the uniform he wears.. (this happened at about 14.10 hrs) by walking on and looking around for myself i later found another escalator going down to the baggage claim. it is a pity to find these sort of un mannered un helpful police officers in a major international airport.. a shame to the police force and country i would say.

— suresh nair

Faleolo Airport (Apia, Samoa)

VA73 Oct 2 Mon 9.15pm arrival. Customer service from a female customs officer, was non welcoming, no greeting, just the 'slam down' of the passport on the counter, 'next' attitude. A smile would ve so made this comment more positive. Staff need to communicate more with the passengers on directing them along their way as passengers are not sure on what is expected of them. VA74 Oct 8 Sun 9.55pm departurre, at check in, asked by large male airline agent to remove AA batteries used to power my digital camera from suitcase and to transfer them to a carry on bag, so obliging to their prohibited item rules I did, only to reach their screening point and a female officer to tell us they are prohibited in the carry on bag and should've been placed in the suitcase. We explained that we followed the airlines instructions, which of course to be told that the airline was wrong, we were given the option to go back to check in, with the batteries, but at this point, the tolerance rate is not doing well, so we relinquished the batteries. which left me wondering how am I to carry basic AA batteries from Samoa are they to be mailed out? Very frustrating when two parties have different rules within the same airport and the passenger whose following the rules of one party gets punished by the other. Then walking on tarmac to get to the plane in the dark, blasting engine noise, windy conditions, Virgin ground staff shouting out instructions, one cannot hear anyway, I lightly stumble on an uneven surface, female airline staff shouts' 'Thats why we telling you to walk over here! pointing down to the tarmac, then the young man behind me almost falls. A suggestion, how about simply placing reflective cones or taping off a safe walkway to the plane, to avoid any accidents. The two staff members, male and female who reflected a positive attitude towards us, were the lovely two people serving us at the ground level shop. Big warm smiles to go with their quick efficent service. Well done to them both. Sandwiches we bought were 'yummy'. Hoping this comment will help towards improving communication between departments, to be consistent with the prohibited item rules and to improve on how the passengers are treated. A smile goes a long way.

— S Foisa

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