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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

I have been travelling to and from Sharm airport for the pas 12 years, twice a year, and I have found the airport to be user friendly and the Staff extremely courteous. I also have used the toilets which were clean and have never been harassed by staff to give an English pound for the use - maybe we should consider those passengers using the toilets appropriately re cleanliness. I am really surprised to read some of the experiences. I read where folk are being almost forced into purchasing Visas - certainly not the case for me or my husband and when I needed a Visa I bought one, no pressure!! I also rescued an African Wildcat kitten and it had to be taken by plane from Sharm to Cairo to proceed to UK - the Staff at Sharm were very helpful once more and helped us so much with Minnie the kitten who now lives in Ireland. I really would like to say that the Staff at Sharm have always been very nice to us - the conditions perfectly ok - the price of the food expensive - but we have the exact same problem in our Airports. I will be happy to learn that the security in Sharm is upgraded - maybe like we have in Belfast - to enable me to return in 2016


Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (Abuja, Nigeria)

please how do u confirm if i really have goods.... beacuse I received a message that I've good and I should call one number given to me. hope this is not a scam???

— Titilayo

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I traveled to Marrakech last week and was really impressed by the airport. On the way into Marrakech everything went smoothly.On the way back, following a small accident I needed a wheelchair and the help I received was absolutely fantastic from the time the taxi pulled up until the time I got on the plane. In addition, we were slightly nervous about security following the Paris bombing, but as soon as we arrived at the airport we could see it was well organised and the security services were very much in evidence which was reassuring. It reminded us very much of a smaller European airport and was nice and spacious inside and whilst the immigration checks took a while overall it was fine.

— Mr Regan Shaw

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