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Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Morocco is a closed currency therefore you cannot obtain Dirhams until you arrive in the country. There are a couple of exchange bureaus in the arrivals hall that you need to be aware of. The Global Exchange bureau agents will tell you that it's very expensive to use your own bank card at the limited ATM's in Marrakech or that you cannot use your card at all. This is not true and a ploy to get you to have one of their travel cards preloaded with an amount that you think is on there. What they don't tell you is that the amount they supposedly preload on the card is 300 dirhams less ( about £25-30) than you thought you had paid for because that is the cost of the card itself to you. The card can only be used in Morocco with Dirhams only and is not transferable. They also tell you that any unused money on the card can be changed back at bureau in the departure hall. Again this is not true and they will not exchange any amount left on the card so use it or lose it! My advice is to all visitors to Marrakech from anywhere in the world is to only accept cash when buying Dirhams, use your bank card to buy the dirhams as you will get a better rate than you are offered by them. Take any unspent dirham notes to the bureau for changing back to your own currency. On another note the staff in the airport are generally unfriendly and terse nor will I be visiting this country again.

— P.Ogram

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Je passe environ une fois par mois en aller/retour sur l'aéroport Menara. Je n'ai pas de problème particulier , je me rends compte que le service et la rapidité de passage par l'immigration est en train de s'améliorer. Ce que j'ai seulement remarqué que c'est depuis que la sortie des passagers à l'arrivée a changé il n'y a plus de chariots déposés au niveau des bandes de récupération des bagages , il y seulement quelques porteurs avec chariots attendant des clients. Pour avoir des chariots (gratuits) , il faut sortir du bâtiment pour les récupérer à l'extérieur. Pourquoi ?

— Ferdi Vos

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (Abuja, Nigeria)

My boyfriend is in the military I'm trying to get back home to the USA but he went to go buy his ticket today and then tell him that need to clear his ticket? This really true

— Angie

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