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Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

I'm a Haitian citizen and a green card holder who reside in the US. Because St Vincent & The Grenadines does not have an international airport, passengers have to stop in Barbados and get on another (smaller) plane. Knowing that, I called the Barbados consulate in New York on two occasions and the office confirmed that I did not need a visa while in transit. However, when I went through immigration in Barbados, I was detained both times (arriving and departing) because I did not not have a visa. I explained to the immigration officers and their supervisor that I was in transit and my flight would be leaving shortly. They were extremely rude and have no customer service skills. They weren't having it, so I was held in a room like a criminal for hours until they decided to escort me to the departing area. I've traveled to several countries and this was the worst experience ever in a foreign country. I can't wait until the St Vincent's international airport is completed so I don't have to deal with this sh*t anymore.

— A Proud Haitian

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

our first experience with the new terminal was a pleasant surprise very good organized and beautiful architexture thanks

— kees donker

Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

We prefer traveling via BQN to go to PR. The airport is a great engine of economic development for the region. However, I believe there are some areas of easy improvement that can make safety and travel more accommodating. This year I had to pick up and drop off family several times and there were a couple things that I noticed. 1. The streets immidatly in front of the airport are quite dark. This makes crossing the street and parking more dangerous for pedestrians and travelers. If it is not for the bowling alley it will be completely dark. There must be some type of lighted pedestrian crossing and better lighting where people park. 2. The agriculture line stretches outside and the last time I was there it started to rain and people ended up getting wet. Not an ideal situation or last impression you want to give visitors. Perhaps part of the sidewalk can be covered to avoid this situation in the future. I believe that these are easy fixes that can go a long way to providing a better experience to travelers and improve the number recurring visitors. Otherwise, people are going to get tired and go somewhere else. I hope to hear back soon.

— Victor A.

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