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Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

The airport is very nice and clean. Everyone was kind and professional except for a few policemen at passport control! I was very unlucky because I met the same one getting in and out of Morocco, but also my partner found a rude one. They didn't say hello or goodbye, they were too busy talking and laughing in arabic; the second time I was in front of him and I had to wait like 3 minutes for him to look at my passport because he was chatting with his friend. There's nothing wrong with talking to collegues, but please say hello, thank you and don't ignore me! They should be nice and kind like everyone else working at the airport.

— Andrea G. Sambinelli

Seychelles International Airport (Mahe Island, Seychelles)

Airport take a taxi to the Four Seasons Hotel need how much money?

— viola

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh, Malaysia)

May 4th 2017 - Airport closed due to pothole on runway. Malaysia Airport declared airport to be closed for next 24hrs. Acceptable for safety reason. May 5th, 2017 - IPH informed airlines that runway can be resumed at 10am. This caused a LOT of trouble for passengers from Singapore. Those on Tiger 0745 were rescheduled to 1345 and then 1545. Those on FY3542 0930 rescheduled to 1230. At 1200 noon FY3542 decided to reroute to SZB and will arrange coach to ferry pax to Ipoh. All due to IPH not able to confirm if they are going to be closed whole day or complete. At the end of the day IPH officially opened at 1600hrs so those on FY and TR evening flight was able to resume. While we understand it is for safety reason, IPH should have firmly follow earlier directive of 24hrs closure. This makes arrangement easier and better expectation. Seriously.

— Keii

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