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Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (Abuja, Nigeria)

This is the BEST Airport in the World. Bottom line is: Nigeria is highly disorganised country, where many people in the public service are corrupt. Most officials at the airport are hoping to become a millionaire through the money the illegally extort from unsuspecting passengers. Top officials demand bribe from their staff, so the staff will be breaking the rule of engagement if they do not take bribe from people So, do not complain for your bad experience because no one is employed to listen to you.

— Real Nigerian

Naples Airport (Naples, Italy)

There are very many good amenities at the airport (food is good and inexpensive, etc.) However, the area where passports are checked going through the B gate is a disaster. It was complete chaos today, with no clear lines or any form of organisation. This was extremely stressful. There should be clearly cordoned queues so you know where to go (EU/non-EU) and people to manage and control the crowd. I was very very lucky to make my flight. People were getting barged out of the way in the non-EU line, people were joining from the side. Then the agent outside began reprimanding them, to no effect.

— Daniel Carey

Reus Airport (Reus, Spain)

Flight with Ryanair to Dublin from Reus. My family were in attendance at your airport for three hours last night. The airport was filthy dirty, it was not cleaned for days by the appearance. Sweet wrappers on chairs, black chewing gum stuck on the floor. The restaurant was disgusting, if inspected it would be shut down. Every place I looked was filthy dirty, I have never experienced anything so disgusting. Male and female toilets had no soap. Never have I experienced anything like it. I know you are better than this as I have used your airport many times over the past 25 years.

— Andrea Levins

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