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Seychelles International Airport (Mahe Island, Seychelles)

I am arranging a helicopter transfer to silbouette Island and wanted to know what the procedure is at the airport?

— Ian Parry

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Travelled in and out of menara airport this week for a one week stay and was horrified at the behaviour of staff, my husband is Mediterranean bloodline but born and raised in Ireland and I'm Irish and they were insisting my husband tell them where he came from originally-they refused to accept he was born and raised in Ireland,this added another 30 minutes to and already 90 minute queue , those ridiculous forms u have to fill in on arrival and not a pen to be found,most countries that require you to fill them in normally issue them in flight in order to give you time to do it- and then the nonsense of having to do it all again while leaving. Also you will find the public toilets have a sign on them but there are members of staff standing there with there hand out waiting for you to add to the collection of dirhams they rattle about in there hands. When I pretended not to see her she stuck her leg out to trip me up, absolute bitch. I then asked a member of security was there a smoking area and he said no but if I gave his friend a little something he could organise a place for me to smoke,I gave the dirhams and was led to a corridor behind duty free and was given a chair and told to puff away. Then the taxi from the airport to djem el fna cost 150 dirhams but the same journey back cost 80 dirhams-go figure. Also had the locks removed from check in luggage but nothing stolen. It's thievery from start to finish in Marrakech,such a pity Moroccan people have no pride or dignity in themselves that they would become common thief sin the work place. I will never set foot in that country again.

— Lorraine

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I have read these comments before traveling to Marrakesh, to have an idea. Many of these comments have a negative undertone, so I was preparing for a "bad" situation. But in all honesty I have been very pleased with the service, staff and facilities at the Menara airport. I traveled to Marrakesh in April. From landing to bagage claim: it took me only 30-45 minutes. The boarder control went easy and they were very friendly. I filled in the arrival form and made sure I had a pen ready. There were 5-6 booths open, so there was absolutely no long waiting queue. To fly back home, I was 2 hours upfront at the airport, which was more than enough. Again good service and friendly staff. The security check was thorough and indeed they were strict and severe. But I didn't mind at all. I come from Belgium, and after what happened at the Brussels airport, I'm more than happy to go trough a strict, severe, over-the-top security check. I can't be more pleased and happy with the Menara airport. If you are friendly and cooperative, they return the service so think about that...

— salima kankindi

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