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Calicut International Airport (Kozhikode, India)

Customs officials seems to have there own timing depending on yes the Indian Std Time. Officials are seen sleeping at the counters whereas passengers are waiting in the hope they will be awake soon. Its seems to be a crime or punishment for tavelling in early morning flight. Not a single proper restuarant with anything to eat. And when asked if any food is there the blunt answer is no food at night time. airport toilet and entrance seems to a little better than the local rly station toilet. No smoking room in sight or board mentioning the same is not allowed in the airport. This is just few points. It far worse. And who has given the status of International airport God or Money might know as usual. And we r expecting a booom in attracting international visitors. First and the last time i am travelling this way. Seems to be still calicut airport officials think they r servicing animals and not human being

— MN

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

We are two females just back from Marrakech. After checking in for our departure flight at Menara Airport we went through security. We were "inappropriately" patted down / molested by a female security guard who was smiling and laughing during it. We have never experienced anything like it in any other airport. The scanner did not go off. She seemed to target foreign younger women. This has put us off travelling to Marrakech again.

— A. Quinn

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I had an atrocious experience at Menara airport on my way back to London. - I hold FRENCH nationality and I am a UK resident. - I am mixed-race (non-white) - I was asked two times by the passport control officer in French : 'What is your father's origin' when the officer was checking my passport. The officer as not willing to believe or accept that I was an actual French citizen and a UK RESIDENT. - I also witnessed two other non-white tourists holding French nationality having to show other an other ID and being asked similar questions


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