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Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

I am currently awaiting to board Jetblue flight 1092 to Fll.Fl. I've had a really lousy day. You don' t want to know. The sirports machine inside terminal decide to keep the price of a bag of chips. Big steal nobody will asume the responsibility. Lousy way to make tourism. ill asume the responsibility. Big rip offl

— L. Velazquez

Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

Having read some of the reports on here, I was sceptical about even going to Barbados. I can say, GA airport is no worse than any other. We were treated with friendliness and efficiency on arrival, even though 3 large planes arrived within minutes of each other and same on way back to UK. We did print our tickets on way back at hotel, but for some reason were given other tickets at departure gate!

— Stephen Gerrard

Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

I have also been travelling in and out of Barbados Airport several times in the last 30 years and never had any problems. Both Immigration and Customs officers were good with me, sometimes I got a smile, sometimes I didn't (Didn't bother me)They too may be having a long, tiring day and you may not catch them high spirited. I've been through many Airports around the World and seen some strange behaviour by Airport officials ever so often. No one is perfect. Upon arriving into Barbados only once the airline may have lost my luggage and on 2 occasions it got diverted to another country but I managed to get it back the same or next day.

— D. Karnani

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