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Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I read the comments on this page before traveling so was not exactly looking forward to flying in and out of Marrakech Airport but I have to say that my experience in Marrakech airport was fairly typical of my experience in airports all around the world. The frisk by a female member of the security team was entirely standard. There were at least a couple of hundred passengers waiting to clear immigration on departure but there were 30 immigration officers at work so everybody was through in about 20 minutes - it took at least as long to clear immigration in Gatwick on arrival back in the UK. Airport staff weren't exactly full of the joys of spring but when are they ever?? Morocco was great!

— Catherine (Traveled from UK with Easyjet)

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

During passport control the guy who was checking my passport asked me if i am from kurdistan...what a stupid question. I am Dutch and the guy was thinking that i had Turkish roots. Also in this case i do not undestand the question ragdring kurdistan. There is no country called kurdistan....i saw this question as a very stupid and undiplomatic question. Arriving this country with this stupid question at the desk created a negative/ irritating access to this country. Never again....sorry next time i will visit the beautiful country Turkey. Marocco never again....

— A ducth citizen

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

Had a great holiday in Sharm but this airport is very poor (the staff in particular). We flew from Sharm last evening (15/12/14 at 6.40pm) and I bought some drinks and a few snacks from one of the vendors (Youseff next to Upper Crust next to Gate 5 in Terminal 1). He ignored me for about a minute while playing on his phone and then rudely asked what I wanted (I just wanted to pay for the items I had already picked up). He overcharged for everything but as I had Egyptian pounds left over I didn't really care. My girlfriend then asked if she could also have some chewing gum (which Youseff has charged me 10 Egyptian pounds for on my first visit). I went back with 10 pounds to buy another pack only for Youseff to tell me that it now cost 20. When I asked him why the price changes he started to shout at me and asked me to leave. Honestly the rudest man I have ever been served by. I can only assume his Dad is senior at the airport as there is no way he would get the job on merit. We had stayed at the Stella di Mare hotel where all the staff were excellent so that made Youseff and his non existent customer service all the more surprising.

— Richard

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