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Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Would appreciate that more airlines operating at Ipoh airport to develop my lovely hometown and more convenience for us to travel back to ipoh & etc.

— Ipoh lang

Vienna International Airport (Vienna, Austria)

Is there a transit hotel in the airport where we can rent a room for 4-6 hours before boarding?

— Aliya Nurlanova

Queen Alia International Airport (Amman, Jordan)

AIPORT TAXI DISRESPECTFUL. The 'really nice and new airport' has airport taxis which we are forced to use do not respect the rules which require that they do not speed, do NOT smoke, and follow basic driving requirements such as holding the steering wheel with 2 hands at the proper "10 and 2" position (or close to it). I usually wait until a taxi driver agrees to follow these basic rules. however, this time, the taxi driver for airport taxi started swearing at me and insulting me because of my civilized request. I told him to respect himself and he refused. I told him I will complaint and he said do whatever I want because nothing will happen. No tourist will (or Jordanian should) accept such disrespect. With the hope that you will require airport taxi to follow these basic rules, and reprimand this taxi driver (his green license plate # is "50-30774").

— z rka

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