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Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh, Malaysia)

ipoh airpot needs an improvement.. more routes.. to medan, langkawi.. especially to east coast .. kelantan, terengganu, pahang.. please consider.. student highly demanded on this.. tq

— suzana

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

Be careful of buying anything from the café/shop near gate 5. There are no prices on anything and I was charged 14 USD for a bottle of water and a box of Pringles. I would not normally have paid but my children were hungry and thirsty. The guy on the till was deliberately trying to not let me see the amount and I noticed that when he took the money he put it under the till drawer not in it. No doubt his little scam. Also, in the duty free I bought some cigarettes and then decided to buy some more. The second time they guy tried to charge me more than the first! My wife and daughters also said that the ladies toilets were truly disgusting! Thankfully, I don't plan to use this airport again.

— John F

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

There was a mistake with one of my luggage, i.e. the agent forgot to put a sticker on it. This is of course just a mistake that can always happen. This could though have been a huge problem for us as we had just bought the suitcase and it didn't have our name and address on it. When this was discovered, staff at the airport looked through our luggage and found a picture inside that we had bought during our stay in Morocco. They then found us at the airport based on the picture and took me back to check in where I could verify that this was my suitcase. It was then checked in and I got it when I got back home, even though all the other luggage had already been loaded on the plane. I think this service is exceptional, and I'm really thankful to the staff who helped us with this and saved us a lot of trouble with reporting the lost luggage etc. I'm not sure this would have been so easy for at many other airports.

— H. Einarsson

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