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Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

Cape Air flies from San Juan to Mayaguez.

— Dinorah Arguinzoni

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

worst experience in my life, i was so lucky i boarded my flight that day even though i went to the airport 3 hours before my flight, it took me 5 min to check in my bags with BA, and 3 hours to get through security, staff organising the queue were so unprofessional and very rude, there was a girl that day the 23rd of march 2017 to be precise, she was letting people from the back of the queue to the customs officers straight away, and i when i asked why she said they were calling their names to board their flight, but when the company i was going with started calling my name i called the girl again and told her that i'm going to miss my flight,her answer was ' I don't give a shit' then i stepped out of the queue and went straight to the first available officer to get my passport checked she tried to stop me but i went through anyway, then the guy was so slow when i asked him to hurry up a bit as they were calling my name he simply said that's the way he does his job, and if i'm not happy i can just fuck off, after that i headed to the gate to board my flight there was still a queue in there after i showed them my passport i asked the girls boarding passengers if i could go get a bottle of water from the shop in front she said that's alright, then i left my back pack and my wallet including my passport with the wife and asked her to wait for me since i wasn't going to be more than a minute just time to go the shop which is only few steps away,as i was running back the girls boarding passengers told my wife to go in but she told them she had my boarding pass and my passport and they said it was okay since i was just few seconds away and they saw me on my way back they told her its okay just go in and we will let your husband in since i showed them all my paperwork and my boarding pass, but the second i was about to walk in through the gate the girls stopped me and didn't let me in the missus tried to get involved to show them my documents so they let me in, but they didn't want and all they did was calling a police officer to escort me out, then i was shocked of the way i was treated, the guy was pulling my arm and was willing to handcuff me,but since i'm sadly a moroccan citizen i started begging the officer in our language just to walk me to my wife so he can see all my documents he simply said no and started swearing at me and said 'do you think you're a human now you live in the UK, i will make sure you will never leave this country again' i was literally treated as a criminal, but i was lucky enough i could escape and get through the gate and into the queue before boarding the plane, but then there was the officer and two girls after me, but then a British airways air hostess got involved and said since i had all my documents whats the problem, then they simply left like nothing happened, i really don't know what could happened to me if wasn't lucky enough to escape the officer and if the air hostess didn't get involved to get them off my back, i would have been possibly jailed don't know what kind of crimes they would have said i committed. none of this would happened if every single employee done their jobs properly, i still regret not writing down the names of the staff who abused me, but with all that stress all i was thinking about was boarding my flight and getting out of there, if i could rate this airport less than poor i would have rated it as a joke, it's only a small airport, so i guess the service should be better, but it's definitely not, you get to expect the poor service from the minute you speak to one of the staff in there, even if it looks new and clean, but appearances are deceptive, anyway don't expect a good treatment unless you pay for it in that country, and that cost too much, you get less fun for more money that you would have paid for any other holiday destination.

— abbas bnou farnas

Borg El Arab Airport (Alexandria, Egypt)

Good morning Just saw a very sad post on facebook.. a handwritten paper stuck on a glass panel showing flights arrival! A very unprofessional thing to do..You should see the comments... I am an Alexandrian and it breaks my heart to see this. Here's the link

— Colette Frege

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