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Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

On Sunday, December 31, 2017, I took an American Airlines flight from Miami to Barbados. I arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport at around 2:30 pm that afternoon. I was very excited for this trip as it was my first visit to Barbados and I could not wait to ring in the New Year on the island. Unfortunately, I found my welcoming experience at the Grantley Adams International Airport to be very poor. The airport workers were quite rude, unwelcoming and discourteous. I also found that their kindness was only extended to White tourists and as a fellow islander myself (Jamaican), I was very disappointed with the lack of personable hospitality from the Bajan airport staff members especially those that work in Immigration and Customs. Airport staff members play a pivotal role in the Bajan tourism industry. When you have an unpleasant experience at the airport, it can result in you having disappointing and pessimistic views for the remainder of your stay and also poor sentiments of the country you are visiting. Although this was not the case for me, I cannot help but wonder how much better my trip would have been if I was greeted with a smile when I arrived at the airport, if I was given a warm welcome and greeting by the Immigration Custom Staff, and if people were polite and respectful when responding to my questions. I am kindly asking that something be looked into regarding the customer service experience at The Grantley Adams International Airport by the airport staff members so that people visiting the island can walk away impressed. As mentioned, I was very disappointed with how unkind and unwelcoming the staff workers at the airport were. If needed, please look into providing airport workers training on Customer Service and also explore whether the airport workers are unhappy with their jobs and the general work place environment and as a result, challenge that negativity to the way they carry out their work.

— miss jay

Mactan International Airport (Cebu, Philippines)

Does Cebu Airport still charge the 'Departure Tax' (can't remember the exact name they called it back in 2015), and if yes how much it is now? I must say it caused me a lot of problems since I got rid of all the Pisos when I was about to leave Phil. I hope they abolished this 'how-dare-you-leave' head tax.

— PaulM

Nassau International Airport (Nassau, Bahamas)

i am flying to nassau in april and am very worried if I can make my flamingo flight connect as the customs is so slow . my flight lands at 14.15 and my flight leaves to staniel quay at 1600 sad to think i cant get on another flight 1hour and 45 minutes later .can anyone help

— matthew sharp

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