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Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

It`s obvious you will distance yourselves from this website because it`s not a lying utopic picture that GAIA is the best service-based int`l airport in the Caribbean. I`ll say this bit, I`ve been a hearer, and an observer of many positive and negative experiences from persons visiting this ROCK. To be honest as a Bajan, I know they`re really nice persons there. I am a Bajan myself not currently residing there but my first time to travel internationally was on July 29th and that was ten years after my second time travelling, so obviously much has changed in terms of travel procedures and I needed help. The ass that was at JET Blue that dogged me for asking a question and roughly just throwing things at me because it`s part of his job made my experience horrible but then an angel descended and saw me re-arranging my luggage because that`s what that prick told me to do and the angel took over and helped me. I don`t know what many of the Bajans at the airport are protecting but if they continue to treat people like that nothing will come of Barbados and we are already descending into the depths of nothingness. Barbados on a whole knows nothing about service and when I return, I can tell you I am going to be even more stubborn when it comes to those Bajans who think that their low-class way of treating people who are spending money with them is service. It has to stop if we are to be successful in making Barbados the great tourism sector that it needs to be. Your doggish behaviours and manners that you have you need to let go of and to all the wonderful airport people (not that short, dark, square-headed, young, puffed-up fool I first met at JET Blue on July 29th, 2016 @ 4:30 am) that helped me so kindly throughout my departure - a wonderful thank you.

— Sabrina C

Faleolo Airport (Apia, Samoa)

Information on this page needs an update. Tourist are getting the wrong info. Where is this specialized airport bus service? The only bus transfers I've ever seen at the airport cost $20 up. Also, a Taxi to Apia usually costs $60.00 tala, not $40 mentioned on your site. Why is there no contact details for this site. How are people supposed to make contact with you if they have an enquiry? The number on your site to contact for public transport +685.23014 is disconnected. Please correct your information on this page.

— IT

Grantley Adams International Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)

Sad, sad, sad! While there are the good, bad, ugly and indifferent everywhere you go, some places one meets more of one kind or another. Regarding Bim, I have for years said I can't figure out how there is still as much tourism left as there is @ present. I worked in travel prior to immigrating a couple of decades ago, and I do recall there being some idea of friendliness and customer service back in those days. As I've travelled back home over the years and continue to see more of God's beautiful world, I am ashamed of my home-land. I've written previously to say that service needs to be improved, and that's an under-statement, if ever there were one. The first impression of the island is the Airport and Sea-port and it seems like most employees were picked off the street with NO Brought-upsy and given the well-sought-after "forever" government job, with no couth, no training or anything else. It is so bad that a few years ago, a then-minister was informed about it in a visit to the USA and took high Offense to my fellow-bajan saying so - so what's left to do as the cat can't bell himself??? I think there is a new level of "crass-ness" (existed some before) that Bajans seem to take pride in & it's well-known among other islanders and also African-Americans, who, Yes, Correctly, realize the in-bred prejudices and little-people mentality so prevalent among many (black) Bajans. Was it not rather recently that students/workers from "our" motherland (AFRICA by the way, Not England) were despicably treated? So, you think you are all that and a bag of chips, eh? This new world we live in is very cruel and very intolerant of crap. You will learn it the hard way, sadly! Does stuff like that exist here too? Yes!!! but the USA is not dependent on tourist $ and with all the heavy competition for our hard- earned & -saved money, everyone wants best value and will go where they will actually get what they have paid for - SERVICE!!! Independent for 50 years, you say, Jubilee celebrations, eh? You Are Still in Bondage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn to Love, Honour, Respect ALL people. You don't own or rule the world, THANK You, Lord Jesus!!!

— B. Freeman

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