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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

For A purchase (Bristol uk): First thing, I just employee at Sharm El-Sheikh airport working inside the terminal as airport operation agent , and I will answer and respond as unofficial ,, and my respond not official for ur comment, if u want official respond about ur complaint u can send e-mail to :- CS.CONTROLLERS@EAC-AIRPORTS.COM Second thing about your complaint , if you wanna ask about anything u would better ask airport customer service and he will provide u with all information u need or at least he will advice you honestly Anyway,we have new duty free company it’s German company, I think it will begin at October 2014 Ahmed Hakim airport operations agent Best regards

— Ahmed hakim

Dhanbad Airport (Dhanbad, India)

DBD DHANBAD AIRPORT was in work in 80's but now the service is closed.Government is planning for a commercial airport in the city.

— Vaibhav

Dulles International Airport (Washington, USA)

Geez. Overcrowded and under served airport. Like many I was fooled thinking direct flight IAD-MCI Was faster. Mistake. Restaurant guide at entry is wrong. Restaurants changed at C12 and C19. Every restaurant full with line. Jam packed and hot terminal. The miles of walking and waiting easily add 30-60 min to departure. I fly all over the US and am having a hard time thinking of a worse airport. Bonus: UA delays flight 1 hour, then we sit down for dinner. The. They move the flight up 30 min with 15 min till takeoff notice. Only to have one hour ground stop while sitting on runway. Lovely day at IAD.

— Mike McQueeny

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